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Beating cigarettes mean a you know go good with post orgasm filling party and we got we have do come by with some cigarettes and beer oh you know what ninety six thousand dollars i can't afford that i advice in that let's do it around six pta and that company actually a pair mass going goingto me burst into the room grabbed overstuffed suitcase and lit out with the women if he would have just had a gun you know what i think michael's right little month what was i saying i'm convinced they paid out in a black minivan and are still at large are haunted by several llagas who had to tell the cost of he has x prostituting our out but not states dollars really do have to give up on their basement and taylor cops i keep playing it over in my mind i was surprised they put out a gun i said what is going on help help as pending on that money to move my family i'm nervous all the time now i keep replaying over and over i see the weapon they use clearly over and over and needed to i needed to have monday bad money in your family dow i'll be like his wife and keys only me like his grandma macos i hope your wife found out she lost ninety six thousand from fucking some prostitutes that was k come fast enough come on qasr release the photos of both the suspect the government three women who are wonderful questioning police sources say ninety six thousand dollar cash settlement was the air result of the suit involved the car accident but didn't have the details can't guess the race of this do save name again victims saw matter the llagas how i want to say white women why i'm trying to riposte it.

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