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Welcome back t the product experience I'm really Smith and I'm randy silver hatefully a group in the states and you're here in the UK when you were a kid, did your favorite TV shows ever have something at the beginning with us and tonight on a very special episode of? Yeah but by. It just felt really appropriate for this week's episode. Do you mind if I give it a try and I K show? This week on a very special episode of the product experience, we talked to non. Dini Jimmy one of the founders of the sleeping giants movement who are working to make hate speech on profitable. You know I I met her when she was running growth for Prog Pad, which is the company that mined the product co-founders, Janna bastel and Simon Casteran and I've been her work ever since. Yes, this is a really important topic and I. Liked Your intro. Thank you renting. So regardless of you earn. Or ethics or morals, getting this wrong can have a massive effect on the way that customers employees suppliers an partners interact with your brand, and your product and I was like to see that as product managers were accountable for the into inexperience of the product, and that has to include how we live up to the values the company. In the annual report, the values that we have in the employee manual the stuff you hear about on your first day orientation. You really have to be thinking about this stuff all the time. It was a great tap, so let's get right to. Dini, thank you so much for joining us today. On the product experience you know, we know each other a little bit because of your background with prog pet, but can you give a little bit of background on who you are how you came to be doing this stuff with sleeping giants and your background in technology and product? Randy. Thank you so much for having me happy to tell you roll it about myself. So I am one of the leaders of sleeping giants. We are a social media campaign that is dedicated to making. Speech and bigotry sexism unprofitable. And I've been running it since on November twenty sixteen.

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