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Morning I'm mark Caesar this update is brought you by nerds in a flash Johnson and Johnson will appeal a major court ruling that Oklahoma's opioid trial ruling is from Cleveland county district judge that Balkan crisis has ravaged the state of Oklahoma he's ordering Johnson Johnson to pay five hundred seventy two million one hundred two thousand and twenty eight dollars Oklahoma Attorney General Mike hunters says Johnson and Johnson built its brand out of greed and on the backs of pain and suffering of innocent people Johnson and Johnson view of the rolling we believe that it is flawed attorney Sabrina strong expressed sympathy for people suffering with substance abuse but Johnson and Johnson did not cause the opioid abuse crisis here in Oklahoma or anywhere in this country I'm a Donahue Austin wants to spend big on a new climate officer councilmember great guitars already made this an issue of equity in race claiming his district will be hurt the most by climate change it is those people who are going to suffer first in our suffering now due to lack of calling this the emergency that it truly is with the Amazon fire is making headlines across the globe the city manager's moving swiftly in search of a new climate resiliency officer who when hired will be paid roughly a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year to act as a point person while this position's duties are still unclear it is expected a lonely increase the push for things like more mass transit and very dense areas of housing Patrick Osborne newsradio kill the general administration is ending a method for avoiding deportation the trump administration has ended discretionary deferrals that allowed immigrant families facing serious health issues to avoid deportation while they or relatives receive lifesaving medical treatment or dealt with other hardships a spokeswoman for citizenship and immigration services says the policy change went into effect August seventh the new policy affects all pending requests with exceptions allowed only for military members and their families the spokeswoman says going forward applications for deportation deferrals will have to go to immigrations and customs enforcement Mike Rossio washing see Austin city council is following a court order to re write the ballot language on a public vote about expanding the convention center but since the new language doesn't exactly match up with the language proposed by unconventional Alston supporters like local lawyer Fred Lewis wonder if they'll need to go to the courts again I have to read it think about it but the right thing to do is what the council members didn't do which was used the petition language says it's a shame council could not keep from putting their thumb on the scale the first place on the city side council member Jamie Flanagan defends the new language saying the petitions didn't fall below the court order either John cooling newsradio kale BJ six thirty three here's Austin's on time traffic.

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