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Yeah why did they what is your opinion of the business structure of the nfl always wanna greater so you say they took over sunday which was on my jesus how did that happen i mean how did real football religion we live this i mean we're talking about right now thirty two teams people read from the titans telling me that we might get it right i'm like train into civil ran a play how many you know what this is college there because the real friends because we bleed college coverage on saturday out the move i mean picking side which colors and don't come out into the more fascinating person and i just appreciate your insight appreciate your time join in the morning smith's america podcast you made us better man thank you how about that statement sundays used to belong to jesus now they belong to football again i've said this before very rarely am i rendered speechless war and got me a couple times in that interview tremendous interview i really appreciated his insight appreciate his honesty and speaking of insight and honesty we're going to transition now over to hillbilly 'isms and if you guys listen to mardi mcgee you're aware of lauren corn lauren is a reporter down in orlando florida who does the most unbelievable stories about rednecks i've ever heard we wanted to hear lauren tell us one of her favorite stories buckle up words sames were just a way of life the bulk plus the mullet the moment.

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