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I know you're laughing. Okay, screw you. Screw you. But you're an asshole. Wait, is this any different than the NDS stuff? It's no different. No, it is different. It is different. No. Because he said GM right now, he might hate being a GM. If he wants to go back and coach in the NBA tomorrow, he won't make the phone call and he will do that. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I agree, but again, you got a call and you get a call his wife. Call his wife and just make sure. Just make sure that Louisville wasn't his dream job. She said Midwest guy, maybe he doesn't want to coach the Sacramento Kings or some other crappy NBA team. I don't know. Anyway, they're gonna say no, I understand that. What? Everyone wants to coach the Lakers. He actually could. I mean, I don't know. But the way they're going to treat Frank Vogel, which is good. Probably will it go too late. That's a good call. He doesn't want to deal with that drama. Trust me. Imagine Brad dealing with that drama. There's a lot going on out there. A lot a lot. Bruce pearl, I don't think it's a viable option, both ways. I don't think they would go after Bruce burle because of his NCA history. And I don't think Bruce pearl is going to leave armor. And I think he's going to leverage whatever he can to get his break the bank Bruce. Break the bank at auburn because you can't. Arbor will pay you whatever it is, as long as it's probably not more than the football coach. They'll pay you anything. And you'll be able to, again, stay at auburn for till you till you leave and then you're gonna try to get your son Steven the job as a coaching win. So those are the first ones Mick cronin. You gotta try them. You gotta try them. Listen, this is the rob. You can't start at the bottom. You're not gonna know. But none of those guys are coming to Louisville. You're gonna leave Los Angeles and UCLA? No. The final four and you have a team this year that can win again. You're taking over and you're taking over a program that has no talent right now. So it's a major major rebuilding job. It's not like Tommy Lloyd took over Arizona and was inherited a good amount of talent. Now he didn't know how good, but this program has frigging nothing right now. It's 15° in Louisville today. And it's 75 in Westwood. Where do you think he's going to stay? Yeah, good point. All right, my next call, not painter. I'm taking your coach. I'm taking your damn coach right now. Keep going. He's not going there. I'm going to offer Matt pain or 8 million a year. Million a year. Million. I'm not from 8 million at Louisville. What's Purdue gonna counter with? I'm not gonna count 8 million. But I think you would also look at this Louisville have an AD in this Lowell I'm.

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