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Bishop Ford, or slow approaching the Dan Ryan with construction, the right lane. Seventeen minutes from eighty ninety four to the Dan, Ryan and fifteen on the way out, traffic and weather together on the eights, every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty in one five nine FM scattered showers and storms this morning later today. It'll be partly sunny warm and humid, similar shower thunderstorm activity possible. High of eighty right now, you can get both sprints, unlimited plan, and the all new Samsung galaxy S ten included for just thirty five dollars per month for line. Line for five lines. All you need is approved credit and in eighteen month lease no trade in required. Visit sprint store sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one fifty dollars a month after twenty to fifty credit applied within two bills cancelled earlier, remain unbalanced doing limited basic after six thirty twenty eight thirty two dollars per month per line for five lines. With auto pay data deprioritization during editions be maximum. Restrictions apply. This is your cogos all-news station. News Radio seven, and one point nine FM and WBZ. Newsradio dot com. WBZ news time three thirty. Good morning, Bob Conway, these are the top stories on NewsRadio doubted BBB 'em. President Trump again asked about some comments, he may or may not have made concerning a member of the British. Royal family. Details ahead from CBS von set. A two million dollars for man accused of fatally beating is two month old daughter in the southwest suburbs. And Crete township man found dead in the trunk of his car on Monday has been identified as the search for his killers continues in sports cubs, beat the Rockies six three White Sox lost to the nationals nine five business news. Markets in Asia higher. Right now, raining lightly sixty seven degrees. CBS news update. President Trump is continuing the nasty talk this time telling a TV reporter that he does not believe Meghan. Markle is nasty. But that her comments were he tells itv's good morning, Britain that he did not meet.

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