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We are now joined by our colleague dave jamieson uh hey days hey guys hey arthur hey and we're going to talk about these all these bonuses that are coming out so the republicans have been really touting all these bonuses that big companies are announcing giving their workers and saying oh look they're giving out a thousand dollars for employee is uganda sounds great get a brass yeah you get a boat and were we'd like to state for the record for very happy for all the people getting bonuses we are any of them we are getting grains for eisen bonus are earners you get bonuses all the time are parent company horizon said it's giving all its employees fifty shares of stock vesting over two years which is comes to twenty five hundred or so a today's stock price scrape pitching never the less our must say this is a a corporate charm offensive that is totally cheap in relation to the value of tax cuts the companies are getting and one that is being exploited uh very aggressively by republicans in congress especially paul ryan and also our donald trump was talking about it on thursday handed you get a kind of misleading picture of what's going on for a few listen to what they say well first of all a lot of these places are are bonuses only they're not raising wages and there's a big difference with that the vast majority is not increases in pay it's we're talking a one time bonus thousand dollars typically.

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