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There's that there's that as well right. So there's there's a bunch of other things that are going on patrick. I wanted to talk a little bit about back when we when we met. I looked on your link. It looks like you're you're not doing this word. I thought it was fascinating. You were a volunteer for skiing with the blind and just thought that such a such a cool thing to do and it's unusual tells a little bit about that and how you got involved that and a little bit of what that experience was like sure Yeah we we unfortunately had to close up shop on that. has Would you talk about the failure of small business. Unfortunately nonprofit campus in failure rate were unfortunately just part of that statistic even though we all loved the mission that we Were on and and the activities that we got to do but Yeah i i've been s year for thirty three years i raised semi professionally so i had the skills and i found myself getting bored skiing and i feel awful saying that ca- skiing is still one of my favorite activities and other people go. How can you be bored and And i got interested organization and And i went up and top people who didn't have a site or visually impaired how to ski and was going down green run using every single technique and skill that i had at my disposal to make sure that we were having a safe in the joy experience. this is. This is like the way that. I can translate what i have done in my past and bring it forward and so Selfishly which i think many of start selfishly joining a nonprofit like was obsolete and then i got to meet the people and get really involved in the visually impaired community and understand what their pain points. Were and and bring it back to the workplace and make sure that everybody understood what building accessibility means at like four. An individual for human. Because i had the opportunity have those interactions on the slopes and so So yeah so it was. It was a fantastic experience. I hope we can get going again. to keep us keep us posted..

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