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A different one. It's also extremely valuable in this practice to see. What you already believe in think about yourself, because remember you're already believing in yourself now even if you don't think you are. And you want to see what you are thinking about yourself before. You kinda just jump into thinking new things about yourself. This is so valuable, but I'm not gonNA play you guys. This is hard work. But it is so. Worth it. I like to describe this as an exclusive interview. With yourself. You're having an interview with yourself, but it's private. It's exclusive and it's on your terms. So if you had the privilege of an exclusive interview with someone. He really wanted to know what they were thinking about. Something because it's so valuable, and it was going to help you and fuel you. And move you forward and help you reach your goals. You wouldn't force anything out of that. You would be listening. And you would be patient. So to help you with this I made a tool that I want you to have. It's called an interview with yourself, and it's free guide. It's a worksheet that helps you see what you currently think and believe about yourself. And I'll go ahead and put it in the show notes, but you can go and grab it at Miss Christie Williams. Dot Com forward. Slash interview worksheet. There's no ashes in there. Just forward slash interview worksheet. It so. I included instructions.

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