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Day dot com. Back to you man crush. All right. So I'm gonna get off the that trail there because we get a little dark there. I'm gonna go with a guy the again. Late nineties. Early two thousand sky was huge, Josh Hartnett. Yeah, bro. Yeah, seriously, and the shittiest hairdo ever. But if you always pulled it off, like this dude was on like every beautiful person list out there who does like time magazine or fucking pool people, whatever the fuck tiger tiger beat. The foldout poster. We're just dragging tiger beats name through the mud come on guys. Well, I mean, if you think about in two thousand and two, this guy did Black Hawk Down was normal loser, huge movie Pearl Harbor, which I didn't really like. But it was big movie. Lucky number Slavin. He had forty days forty nights. I love that one attack on precinct. Thirteen await. No, that wasn't him every six thirteen was what the hell's other dudes name from training day Denzel even Ethan Hawke. Right. And that was assault on precinct. He was attack on. Yeah, it was very low budget. Not many people saw, but it was really good movie. He actually played Dennis FRANZ on NYPD blue for a season. Nobody knows. I talk about a talented actor of our time. It's Josh Hartnett has Dennis FRANZ..

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