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Are out running our ability to task appropriately and tested the capacity that we would all like Dr Marjorie Bessel corona virus testing in the U. S. has hit half a million per day Arizona one of six states with a record number of hospitalizations in Florida nearly nine thousand new cases reported in the past twenty four hours Texas reporting almost six thousand cases Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo our current hospitalization rate is on pace to overwhelm the hospital in the near future Texas and Florida shutting down bars California governor Gavin Newsom wanting to stay at home owners reinstated in imperial county three people have died three others are in critical condition and one person is permanently blind after apparently drinking hand sanitizer the contained methanol C. New Mexico health officials three people facing charges after police found a cage toddler in a filthy home in Tennessee chucks Iverson ABC news one thousand and ninety seven seven good afternoon I'm Rick fan size with a Lisa Jaffe we're continuing our coverage now from the comma twenty four seven news center and we start with what's happening up on Capitol Hill governor Jay Inslee says he's confident the chop stone will come to an end fairly quickly initially was on CNN today and he took a very measured tone when discussing the protest and its leaders demand so there's other ways to protest the the black lives movement or talking about how to have another place and I think we are going to succeed having a peaceful transition he says the chop has been successful in changing the conversation about policing Inslee added that he expects progress on both fronts fairly quickly Jeff postal account use like the rest of the country king county is seeing a rise in corona virus cases Dr Jeff Duchin says that there has been a sixty percent spike in just the last two weeks fourteen days approximately half of all cases have been in the twenty to forty nine age group which is a significant change he says the increase is due more and more to people getting out of their homes as well as increased testing so how much county has seen a spike in cases as well and county leaders say they've had to delay their application to move to phase three well a mandatory face covering order now in effect for all of Washington state UW medicine's Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says that a lot of this it really comes down to common sense you are able to be outside and distance from other people six feet away what they're saying and it's okay to not wear masks that were outside we're we're in a crowded place outdoors or somewhere where there's tons of people around and you just can't maintain safely six feet away from everyone else then you should have you covered your nose and your mouth start Dr Bryson Khan says that a symptomatic people.

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