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Good morning, a 7 49 and New York City We go for the editor in chief of Lincoln, Dan Roth. And how you doing today? I'm doing great. How are you doing? I'm about 65% pretty much. OK, let's Ah, Let's talk about Richard Branson before we get to the workforce Confidence index and some interesting Numbers that you you got for us? It linked in. You broke a little news with Sir Richard, didn't you? Well, we talked about being able to take the first point on his Bergen Galactic, and that's coming up in January. And you think Virgin Galactic has been the real highlight of the Virgin Empire this year? It's been a rough year for Or virgin. So I think that talking, Mr Richard, it was pretty clear that this was one area He was very happy to talk about. Let's listen to a little bit of Dan Roth from linked in with Sir Richard Branson. Normal way of being a travel takes time, you know, So I think that off First challenge is getting myself to space early on in the new year and then started getting other people into space. But we also have a team that are working on a really high speed supersonic trouble on DH. We only want to do it if we can actually do that in an environmentally friendly way, So they were working on that in tandem on then we have Virgin orbit, which will be doing its launch before Christmas. Where we're going to launch a John rocket attacks to a 747 into orbit, traveling at 18,000 Miles an hour around the earth, dropping off satellites on doing actually doing testing for the NASA, So that's another exciting venture that is is on the verge doesn't sound like the pandemic is slowing him down, Dan Well, I think for that part the things in space there are working well, but things on the ground not so much If you look a TTE cruise line that he launched in April, Not great time to launch Cruise line, and Virgin Atlantic has really suffered as airlines have been grounded. Richard had to pull out of his own. Money to be ableto keep employees afloat during this time, so it's been it's been rough for, you know, he's really in the travel and leisure business, and people are traveling, so we talked a lot about this question. Whether that's going to come back or not, he really strongly believe it is. Does he give a timetable at all? Well, he didn't give a timetable. What he did say was that he is very frustrated with governments with the way that they're treating vaccines with the speed there that they are bringing out testing and it's just, you know, Look, we could just do testing faster. It opens the economy back up. And so one of the things that he could do is pick up the phone and get a head of state because they want to hear and talk to Richard Branson. And so that's where he's spending a lot of his time. You know, he's got people who run the airlines, Mother's other businesses and grandson becomes the diplomat. Who can try to force government to see the world as he thinks they should be seeing it. I met him once and you know, he's one of those guys. You talked to him for a while and you just think what's wrong with me? Why can't I be that productive? He is an amazing man, and he's been He's been productive for a long, long time as me. He has been, You know, he does it all from at least a pandemic. He's only left Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands once he doing all of this from, you know, not all of us have island but most of us down, But I think for my my cause that where I'm recording this in New York, um the I think that for Ah, Richard, he is someone who is he? One of the secrets to success. And being that productive is he'd never looks back. He. If there's a failure, he brushes it off and moves on to the next thing. We talked a lot about that because he is part of his working mentors. He and his team mentor, a lot of small businesses. Band, one of the biggest piece of devices No one You're failing. Cut it off, Move onto the next thing Don't look back. Don't beat yourself up like you have to understand that they're going to try a lot of different things in life and some are gonna work in many art and you can't dwell on your failures And he doesn't know I think that that's one thing that all of us couldn't probably try to replicate. Yes, for sure. Keep on banging, and he's one of those guys that when he hears the word no in his head, he hears next. He just moved. Moves right on. Let's talk about the workforce Confidence Index and What Lincoln has come up with. First of all explain. Explain what this with this survey is, Dan? Yeah, sure. So we, uh, talk to professionals across the world every two weeks, and we serve them on how they're feeling about job stability, financial situation and access to opportunity. And then we carve it up by seniority and by industry to get a sense of how confident professionals are in the work that you and whether they will be able to pay their bills. We know the confidence leads to a lot of decision making. Some people are more confident they're investing in. Their companies are investing and they're buying more stuff. And when they're not, they trench and it can grind the rest of the economy to a halt. So we wanted to see how people are feeling about things. And the answer is they're not feeling great. Was that the big takeaway and no surprise? I guess that that people are very concerned about This pandemic, which seems to be getting worse right now. Yeah, I think that the big surprise you're you're exactly right that it's not surprising. People worried. What is surprising is when you start diving into shoe is more worried is is the age groups where you start seeing some differences so as an example Millennials are the most concerned about returning to work over all baby boomers tend to be the least concern which really surprised me. Um, But if you if you think about Millennials are the increase of their anxiety probably has to do with they have been in the workforce by 10 15 years. Maybe they're just starting families..

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