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Jay baron with the third overall pick Barrett snort as freshmen Swindon for Duke next president Steve mills on the teams direction for the future. We laid out a plan when Scott came on board and David Jordan, dust that will build this team the right way. We'll wrap well and we're going to be diligent about how we build this team and not taking shortcuts in that follow a path, we believe these two guys are part of that process, the young guys that we had over the last two years, the draft picks of required. And adding good quality basketball players, they compete is important the next to the cap space decide to max bridge, this summer NHL draft tonight, a bit over the New Jersey Devils at the top overall pick Nate take eighteen year old centers. Jack Hughes, just the eighth American to be selected. First overall with the second pick the New York Rangers take. Apple Kako right winger from Finland to the baseball scoreboard. The Yankees seven straight win lead the Astros, four to one of the ninth and New York. Gary Sanchez glacier, Torres each with two run homers, Aaron judge back visit fifty four games with a quad injury. Oblique injury rather over four with, who strike national's fifth straightly, the Braves forty three the Dallas Heikal Mehta's, Atlanta debut allowed four runs over five innings the Indians, leave the Tigers seven five eighth. Jason kipness, tiebreaking to run over the eight for Cleveland coming up Monday in Philly Kyrie.

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