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Never mind all right steve gregory's coming on not in but on we'll explain why matt money smith will be on with us as well And we got a big remote coming tomorrow and by the way john. I'm very proud of you. Because i think the lecture being ken gave you yesterday i changed your life with texting me back. You publicly shamed me. And then you said and i thought well. This is some kind of test if i on answering. He's gonna give me ten minutes on the air i can. You're invited as well. I don't have your text number but we're doing a big remote in in huntington beach. And i know it's probably on a friday with traffic's only about ten minutes from where you live. I'm actually heading out of town or you are. where are you going. You don't say gurvey guy right. New york new york is that right. Yes wow look at what. Life is like on the other coast. It'd be careful there. I mean there's a lot of eight holes in new york right. Getting jobs square go to people have been shot in last month in times square. Yeah it's unbelievable venice right. They can't control that right. No well thank god to get rid of this dopey mayor and they may have a guy that understands public safety. I'm hoping least captain wins right then this this black guy. He's a complete police captain. He's african asked. Yeah he was. Eric adams is that his lead has shrunk because they have this ranked choice voting nonsense. Have you ever heard of that in your life. Voting for weenies. Yeah i understand you pick one guy one woman. Whoever wins wins. I don't get this. it's it's a broken system. Oh it's a system for broken weenies. That's very good. I gone full circle all right. Very good Yeah take all right. Yes think doing that. You think god come on. I think it's just ding dong broke the dogs. That's the news. Kfi hd two los angeles orange everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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