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Mothers just call a decency either way debates about how in what we can say of loom large recently in the national conversation, but not everyone feels they are being treated with the same consideration tonight. Comedian Ashley Blaker shares his humble opinion on why there seems to be at least one category that is still treated with derision. So let me get out the way I am Jewish in truth. You probably realize because I look more like an orthodox Q than I do a stand up comedian is that most people didn't believe I'm a comedian. And just you my morale by not least my audiences, but it's amazing. How quick people all to joke your book or in my case a copy of the Old Testament by its cover. So as a result of wearing my religion, so openly, everyone I meet things I must be an advocate for the state of Israel, and they either berate me with chance of free. Palestine will tell me that the land of Israel was given to Abraham L Kim, and you don't give away one inch of that land to both types. So I'm incredibly flattered that they think I'm the influential. But it's really up to me either way. Even worse is the assumption that anyone who looks like me is basically stuck in the nineteenth century live by litany of bizarre practices and has loads of children. Okay. So I do have. Six children. And it's true that many my community have a lot more than that. In fact, my wife was recently a wedding. And a woman asked how many kids, and we have when you applied sixes woman said. Did you have facility issues in this world, we have proper underachievers because because I'm allowed to make jokes about my life. Should everyone else? Let me onto in a word. No, we drove the you. Didn't it seems to me the inner super politically correct age the religious of the lowest group of people that it's faking to mock anyone religious is a crazy fantasists who believes in made up fairy stories to give them comfort or even worse uses the fantasies as an excuse to perform the most terrible atrocities, but we'll the religious fair game. If following your faith so much worse than having a fanatical interest in your favorite sports team. At least if you want to go to church, you don't need to spend loads of money buying a ticket from scalpel and gold is never going to let you down by heading off to the L A Lakers for an extra ten million dollars a year. We live in troubling times. There is so much worrying in the world. What's wrong with having a bit of faith in something bigger that someone had a plan as it is going to work out? Okay. In the end, the number levers will say that it's religions has caused many of the world's biggest problems. But I say don't judge religion. By the religious. Sometimes we all just need something to believe in. If it's not for you. That's okay. But please afford us the same respect we give to other minorities. God bless or just bless. On the news hour online right now tax day is nearly here and the new tax law may change the refund you've been expecting..

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