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Of a hole with Kyle Greenwell. Stands on the two to receive the snap. He'll kick it away long kick. Here is Jackson back to take it. He's going to return this one from the 32 to the 35 to 42 flags down behind the play, as Jackson has tackled up around the 42 43 yard line. And we'll check out penalty flags on this play. The punt was 51 yards, the return as it stands right now, 11 yards, but two flags down. Seven Georgia Not even three minutes into the ballgame. 12 54 to go first quarter Officials are discussing two flags. One on the USB sideline at the 29 yard line. The other flag is closer to the Georgia bench at the 41. Here's Lee Hedrick, the referee. We had offsetting penalties. It looks like A procedure call on you A B and a block in the back on Georgia on the punt return. And now Hedrick, the referee is talking with Georgia's head coach, Kirby Smart. On this near sideline. Whether you read our own Geico makes it easy to bundle home and car insurance. Having a home is hard work, so get a quote at Geico dot com Easy. Well, George is going to bring the offense back off the field, and we may have a re punt here. I believe, yeah, really looks like really good to.

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