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Bruce Arians, Football, Terrell Suggs discussed on The Valenti Show


Forty yard record in the forty dash he probably what health experts believe that maybe him re wrote the third can break it but just simply is the forty that important discounts or just a TV thing now and I look I think it's with Bruce Arians had to say very appropriately yesterday that your film you might run a four three but you play like a four six some guys the film's tells you that they play like a four three and only run a four six like the film is the most important thing are you football fast are you fasting your pads I think when the most famous examples was Terrell Suggs he says all if you like bollards around like a four eight eight a terrible forty but guess what Terrell Suggs was unbelievably productive played incredibly fast and was football fast full pads I still believe the film is the biggest thing I think you can get seduced by the combine come over here honey give somebody be.

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Bruce Arians, Football, Terrell Suggs discussed on The Valenti Show

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