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So when I said to me, you've met dome before, can you introduce us and do the hand of what I was also thinking was I've not told Don Junie that is actually. Now four people coming to this instead of one person and a translator. It's a great opportunity to say Hello, this two additional people that I should have told you about. That's how I happened to get upstairs and then don't said to me, why don't you stay? So you can just see escort these people out at the end is going to be a short meeting anyway. And again, as a publicist, and as just there was no reason, why wouldn't I state? But I have to say before you was the best thing I ever did was stay. If I hadn't stayed an all of what's been said would have been said about this meeting will I would never have known, but I was in that meeting and what took place in the meeting. We sat down. I ended up sitting next to Jared, Kushner, Don Sutton next to Paul Manafort and then the attorney had her people around that she had to translate I and this other gentleman she brought with her and don't invited her to present whatever it was. She had to say, and she stood up and I don't really remember because I didn't pay a huge amount of attention to any of this, whether she spoke entirely in Russian and it was all translated or whether there was a little bit read that may have been in English, but she started this kind of quite monotonous prison, toning roaming monotonous presentation about how wasn't it awful. How people like Bill Browder and Ziff brothers, donate money to the Democrats. And when she said this, I kind of looked over dungeon. I look back and I thought the the kind of not pardon me wanted to say, didn't your father used to donate money to the Democrats. Also, this doesn't sound terribly interesting and she it was about that that she was going on, they hadn't paid taxes. It was money that should have been paid in Russia and taxes, and it was being to the Democrats. At which point Jared, Kushner suddenly said, I have no idea what you're talking about. Could you possibly focus and try to get and to my horror, whether it's a translation issue or whether it is what it is she started this monotonous presentation from the exact same point and rambled on again for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably just a few minutes. Don Junie looked like he was getting up. I thought to stop the meeting. So I texted I said, you have to stop this. It's obviously irritating our hosts, this during the Laura texting to cover, and he nodded as if an agreement. But suddenly she said, what I really want to talk about is the issue of the Magnitsky act and the effect it's having on the adoption of Russian children by Americans. And so for me who knew nothing, I'd never heard of Magnitsky. I'd never heard of the act. I was like, wait, when now having a meeting about adoption. And I texted I again and said, why are we having a meeting about adoption? And he again, looked to me like, this is weird. And she spoke for a couple of minutes at which point Don Junius stood up and said, I've no idea why you would address this to us because my father is a private citizen. I would suggest you address it to the Obama administration at which point I stood up and said, thank you very much and.

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