Kurt Schuster, African National Congress, Robert Mugabe discussed on Rush Limbaugh


It's on the basis of this that i ask where is the compromise where is the overlap of things we supposedly have in common we're up against shearer hate folks we're up against people who have been literally poisoned by undiluted raw hate i have a piece here friday here it i set aside to the i didn't know if i was going to get to it or not it turns out that i've transitions into it beautifully here it's a piece it town hall written by our old buddy kurt schuster an even his omega this the headline they don't hate the nra they hate you an his piece is essentially a wake up call to everybody's dopp misunderstanding who and what we are up against biggest mistake we could make is compromising where the manganze then though wanted to take the land we all and kill us don't laugh i in in stood africa the african national congress the leaving political organization of the country the governing organization has announced that they are going to this year confiscate all white owned property seventy two percent of private property in south africa is opened by whites the african national congress has just announced they're going to seize it there will not be any compensation are just going to take it exactly the policy of robert mugabe in zimbabwe which used to be rhodesia check out zimbabwe if you want to find out what life as likelier let me give some pull quotes of mr schuster's piece a town hall the progressives are cranking things up to eleven on the stupid psycho scale which is good for us in the short term some of us normal that's how he refers to conservatives some of us normals were growing complacent in the midterms are coming and we also need to open our eyes and accept the bitter reality we face we cannot just pretend the truth is not the truth because we wish it were otherwise the left dropping its mask has demonstrated once again the undeniable fact they hey you those of us who knows something about history know that the people leftist regard is nonhuman always tend up a tend to end up nonliving these ripple quotes in the peace understand that the left doesn't hate the nra the nra stuff is a distraction leftists are dumb but they understand the power of the ria is really.

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