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Org to get started Sports at 15 and 45 on It's 9 45 Here's Steve Johnson This is a hockey equation that hurts so twice the capital's rally to tie the game with the bruins but at the end it equaled a one goal loss capital's fall of the bruins in Boston four to three Charlie mcavoy the game one of the only 45 seconds left in regulation in Nicholas backstrom That's really tough but it would have been nice to just get a point out of it at least but it happens We got a lot to learn from it and move on Next half hour the lesson that they did learn from it All right 20 year old Amanda anisimova with an upset today ranked 60th and world she defeated the Australian open defending champion Naomi Osaka Also winning today Madison keys at ash Barty the Neil Medvedev is also through A mail and women's basketball 95 89 lost to Ohio State Georgetown 83 75 lost in Providence Look this wizards team of this season is a deep team but for Kyle Kuzma that quest for consistent time up to Z trying to find who's in who's out you know we're still playing a bunch of guys at the same time too It's tough the most teams in the plan Maybe 9 guys You know so I live with it sometimes And I'm just figured out on the fly But somebody options on the bench could also be a positive rob woodfork of the D.C. sports model Wizards could go into the playoffs assuming they get there wizards can go into the playoffs one of the freshest teams So that is to their benefit but it does put a lot of pressure on west on sale junior Yeah how to manage all those minutes A D.C. sports podcast D.C. app Apple wherever you get your podcasts wizards home tonight to take on Toronto Dave Johnson WTO sports Hop ahead after traffic and weather We could see tens of thousands in town today for the march for life It's 9 46.

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