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Here's a video. Here's a video of Gettysburg joy, presented by the daughters of the American revolution. Good lord. I'm just saying this is the south. I mean, but I don't really think of it that way, but I guess up where you grow. We got plenty of world history to learn all about ancient Romans and Greeks that was fun, right. Don't know anything about anybody. That's from America. It's passed the civil war. Hysterical. All right. So. Yeah. So better rock he is. He is some people actually said he's the reincarnation of Bobby Kennedy because his name is Robert Francis. Rourke just like Robert Francis Kennedy. He's a fourth generation Irish American. And if you look at them. He kinda resembles him. And he's got that that that thing that Bobby Kennedy had that really attracted young people. And and you know, if you see him out, he's always got like, the the blue Oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up by somebody went to MS go, dude, either, you're reincarnated, Bobby Kennedy. You start playing this summer. This is this is the way you're gonna get old hippies to vote for you and young people to vote for you. But I think he's too young to go. And I think he's got another twenty twenty four year. What is it with Democrats are comparing their candidates to other candidates? You're talking about the Bobby Kennedy. Adding the there was the headline article like from two weeks ago that said he was the white Barack Obama's. That's all they wanna do is. Compare it to other somewhat successful version. Right, right. Candidate does. That's the only thing that gets people excited. You know, they don't get excited about just the fact that you're a candidate you have to compare yourself to to somebody who is successful in there is so yes, so those are the two ones, but the third one is Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg was on the view yesterday. Whoopie had the day off. So joy Behar was in the in the Whoopi seats now boy, enter the Whoopee cushion. Thank God is horrible. So, but but Michael Bloomberg was very interesting. And because here's where I think he actually could do something as a democrat. If you're somebody who wants to vote that way. He may be able to bring both sides together because he was also Republican at one time he is like the reverse Trump. Trump went from being a democrat to to flip into the Republican party to run right guys doing the same thing, but reverse right? So so he says he can't win as an independent with y'all know they can't do that. But he's been both kind of.

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