Tropical Storm Anna, Malagasy Red Cross, East Coast discussed on BBC Newshour


Rain is still following and we expect to have a landslide and big flood in some areas And tell us how many people needed to be moved to avoid the landslides and also as there been any damage to the infrastructure in the area 40,000 people have been displaced around 9 thousand households has been evacuated to around 151 evacuation sites within four main restricts which has been highly affected by the sickle and particular are very high especially on infrastructure shelters water point road bridge and a support to this evacuation site and to this displaced people So are you able to get to people or other roads a bit difficult at the moment with the flooding and the strong winds still Because the system has just leave the country today So maybe tomorrow the deviation and the road has been fixed immediately as the government is now on the field by air to see the damage And what sort of support do you then take to people you know once the roads are fixed To the states We brought support to the government and volunteers of malagasy across our protests support especially before the landfall We did a preventive evacuation to these people And as part of emergency response we are going to support 10,000 household in terms of cash distributing non food items to provide in wash and iTunes promotion water treatment and also help respond to the most similar in two districts among the 5 highly affected by these tropical cyclones So bats rise a tropical cyclone that's just hit but just over a week ago there was also tropical storm Anna The tropical storm and I hit in the same place I have those districts recovered from tropical storm Anna Indeed some of the area for example in the east coast but here I as aggravate the situation because it has been double affected by the previous one and the malagasy Red Cross has already provided support in terms of preposition in those emergency stock to respond to the previous one which is Anna and we are going to consider also the area affected but particularly at the same time And The.

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