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When we don't have a vaccine You know and what's this weekend? Most of the country most not all but most of the country is going to be partially reopened as they put it. This has gotta drive you crazy level right. I mean this. Aren't you that because it seems from what I've listened to you? What you have said is if we could turn the clock back which we can't but if we could turn it back if we could pretend were New Zealand And if we immediately had done. Two things A mandatory stay at home and tell the people right away that the government is going to guarantee your paycheck for these X. number of months so that we can somehow slow this thing down It it. We can't do that now. So what what is it? That isn't enough. I guess maybe I think the nervousness the anxiety you even hearing my voice is because if doctor Fauci and you and Barack Obama and throw in a few doctor redlener distinct create your your your team of heroes or whatever if you guys were actually running the show. If you were making the decisions you might not always be right. You might make mistakes but I I think all of us would just feel better and then we could handle the truth if you tell us. It's a two year pandemic it or it's this or that or whatever okay Will let's figure out how we're GONNA live and not and not see our country crash NOCCO crazy ourselves in between these four walls But we don't have that we don't have that I had it till next January. I agree and I don't think I think look All the experts say we need more testing. We need more contact. Tracing those are things we need and we need to work on. It were going at breakneck speed on a vaccine. And that's really important to we've got put in place The kind of regulatory framework. We need to get it approved and distributed produced and distributed But I do think that there are many things we can do. I mean as you said It does drive me a little nuts. We HAVE PLACES OPENING UP. Georgia's obviously the textbook example of how not to do it That you know the cases are still going up. Even the president's Pandemic Preparedness Plan for how to open up said you gotTa have fourteen days of decreasing a number of cases. I think that's too liberal a standard but even by that standard Georgia is wrong and then Georgia opens up all these activities. That require intimate personal. Contact you know cutting your hair Going to the beauty salon tattoos which make no sense. They're not essential services And they're things that We could probably do without so you. GotTa understand Better and we need a better plan for getting things started. We can start thinking. Oh we should understand that. This is mortalities heavily concentrated in homes among the elderly and among people with serious co morbid conditions whether it's diabetes hypertension or obesity and we need to do special protections for those people and then you know there are other things where we can assuming some risk. Not totally you know. This isn't GONNA be zero risk assuming we can do better at opening things up And I think that's the direction we need to begin pushing And I I I just don't see that planning and that structure Systematically happening across all saints instead we get you know the CDC has these plans on how to You know these decision trees about how to open up the economy and they get quashed instead of released if you were President of the United States right now and you had the powers. Not Not given to the governor's but the our federally to to declare when we open reopen partially reopened. Or whatever. What would you do or if you were not the president? What would you advise a president who would listen To you and not to the manufacturers Clark's first of all do need to the cash saying system has gotten better but we need to get it really. Well so people can get a task Make sure the SPIT TESTS. Works a ramp it up And then Make sure that we can test as many people as we need. Get a clear testing regime. So that We have people who are at the frontline. Interacting with a lot of people like grocery workers. Healthcare workers homeworkers that. They're a protected. We need to get the serology tests. Not You know. We've we've allowed one hundred and fifty different serology tests out there but only twelve of which have been certified by the FDA. It's like the wild west. You don't know whether the serology test you got actually says what you have antibody or not and so. It's not very informative. It's it's really not helpful. That's not a good process to have is to find out if you if you have had it in the past Monday. Serology czar if you develop. Antibodies The problem is that only twelve of those tests have been certified the other one hundred thirty eight thirty and it doesn't guarantee if you'll say you test positive that you had it. It doesn't guarantee that you have immunity or that you won't get it again or that you can't be effect infected again. Well I wouldn't say we guarantee we don't know. This is an area of uncertainty. We haven't done the studies to be able to evaluate that question. Most of US think you're likely to have immunity. If you have the antibodies. How long it lasts. Another uncertainty But that yes that's still needs to be validated and verified. What what is the what is so. How do you answer people like would you? After Wolf Blitzer sort of turned away from you after he shunned you when you said it was a two year pandemic two feet from him. What was the look on his face when you said that I could just see it on the TV but it being why we cut to a commercial says you just made news. It's like I wasn't trying to make news. I'm trying to inform your audience than that. Were no I know you said it in the way that you would say? It's seventy two and sunny out Was Not you weren't trying to shock anybody you were just. He asked you an honest question. You gave them an honest answer and now now two and a half months later. Is that your same answer? Is it a three year? Pandemic possibly and what does that mean in terms of? Are we going to get the waves? We thought we get if we all social distance correctly. Which now. We're not going to do that as much anymore. So what so? What is this now is going to be waves or is it going to be one long two? We're in trouble sort of thing. Well so there are some people Laurie. Garrett is one of them a very very knowledgeable about this. She thinks it's going to be thirty six months. And you know she may be right three years yes. I don't know how we last three years to be perfectly and but I think How what are the likely scenarios. Well one likely scenario is we have repeated waves. All about the same hiked it comes. It goes it comes. It goes because we open up. And there's a reservoir of Corona viruses that resurfaces Definitely a possibility Possibility which is actually a little more horrific At and one that we clearly want to avoid is re- Had A big wave here. It goes down in the summer Maybe because of some combination of you know the crease because of the heat and humidity and who knows but then it comes roaring back in the fall and you have a second peak. That is higher and worse than the first peak. Now for those of you who are sort of scratching your head. How could anything be worse than what we've had now and let me just remind you? Nineteen eight thousand nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred twenty. There were four peaks to the influenza pandemic at that time and the second peak was far and away the highest double at least doubling the first peak And it came. Yes in the following fall So that I think is probably if you're a epidemiologist and historian that's what makes you really nervous that we haven't even gotten to the worst of the worst of it is coming this coming fall And that I think makes me very very nervous? The third possibility is this is the worst. We're going to have. Echoes as it were of this of ever decreasing peaks Until we get a vaccine. And maybe we'll have to peaks. Maybe we'll have three peaks depending on what that vaccine gets out But they'll be decreasing in the pain will be less. I think those are the three most probable scenarios But this thing has been surprising from the start And none of those are easy. Okay so but where do you okay? So we're the let's say you're you're doctor. I'm in the room with you. Have come into the examination room now. Now I need some bedside my mets. I need your bedside care your best bedside care for me. I'm the American public and I have. I have been locked locked in the apartment with the kids now for two months. And now you're telling me it could be a lot longer than that now. The kids aren't really getting an education.

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