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Video. You posted of addie gazer in the car and she had her doll. Yeah so sweet and and so to the world sound world standards not age appropriate. I guess you would say so. I understand what you're saying as far as sixteen and five. Even though i'm not gonna lie that's hard to hear right sometimes like oh she sixteen to compare your sixteen year old to. That's almost like when i would get her or when i even do get her tests testing done for pt. And we're her bench markers are at. I'm like i do not see her as three. No that can't be possible. You know and it's set sting and i guess i'm just thankful that you're saying that sting doesn't go away but we could choose how we hold it and how we react to it. 'cause yeah it is. It is also precious as an outsider. I see that for addie. And i'm like oh that's sweet her doll. I love that. But i can also see as a mom how you might be okay with that or my mom heart like wrestling with that kind of thing. That's where addy's made me better be told guys that is why sweat was so devastating to me when i actually had a child with down syndrome because i actually do. I think we all have expectations that life. But if i'm being completely honest appearances and image and this little miniature of what it's all supposed to look like because that's what culture says bass. Actually i actually care about and addie has in so. I felt like the devastated because it was like that was stripped but actually what i have gained over sixteen years. 'cause like i hated those tests when they were little like you know. Prepare my heart in. Like kinda toughened up a little bit for them to tell me that like she's three and i'm like no she's not she's nine and don't see you know like it was hard for me This past christmas. She asked for a kitchen and she's asked for a kitchen a lot. She we had a kitchen until she was about ten..

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