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If not on the phones, you got half an hour or so to tweet the show at Jodi McMahon J O D Y M A C the best tweet. I get will be daddy. Mac tweeted today, always on the lookout for the MAC. Daddy. Tweeted today. That's when we get I'll read all Cigna praises. I'll give you props for that comes at the end of the show got a couple of decent. One certainly all could be topped best tweet. We'll read before the show is out. Hit me up at Jodi McMahon. J O D Y M A N so far in the Sunday night game called titans. Andrew luck is accounted with his right arm for all the points. Fourteen of which are for the colts went to do touchdown passes through two guys in white uniforms. That would be his team Eric Brian with an eight yard touchdown grab Dontrelle Inman with eleven yard touchdown catch and John Brown who doesn't wear white. He's got blue on tonight. A Tennessee titans. Just picked off a forced pass by luck. That turned into a pick six go. The other way for twenty from twenty two yards out to cut the lead in half of the colts. So we got a football game going on down here in Tennessee. And by the way, titans came out and got a good quick three and out defendant possession to so called Chapultepec punting it back to Tennessee will see Blaine gabbert can actually do anything about putting points on the board for the titans so far only pick six going. The other way has Tennessee. Scorn to the foundry return on the punt muffed punt by Jackson recovered by the cult's inside the ten yard line. So once again, some sloppy play turnover by luck gives the titans seven, but then the titans Turner right back around, and they give the colts the ball inside the ten yard line on a muffed. Punt a punt that hit the ground and in Jackson dotty could play it on a bounce bad idea covered by the colts eight seven seven eight five five two one two four two two seven Scott from jersey up on CBS sports radio. Scotty, dirty MAC job, buddy. Here's here's ban. I heard you on the fan in New York. Good guy. And I give you a little colon. Appreciate it. What's on your mind? Listen, I was I was Browns fan. I was hurt. Depressed about the the Bayfield drafts. 'cause I was a big Donald fan. I know the jets are probably happy. But I mean, it's it looks like a little he looks like he has it. I'm very happy. I liked that. He actually took his record. Maybe that'll take the next year of Tom. Obviously his team. But I think a good coach. A pick em. You know, they keep Greg Williams. I think you're going gonna take maybe Josh mcdaniels looking at them. But I think Baker is a big time future. A man. And I'm I'm pretty happy. I was just wondering about your thoughts. You should you should be happy and Baker and Donald is going to be good. I severely doubt that five years from now ten years from now, we're going to say, wow. What a what a smart move by the Browns taking Baker and not taking darnold. I don't think that's going to happen node. I think fans are going to be able to say what the hell Brown stink. And take him Baker on. I think they're both going to be very good for their organizations. I don't think one of them's going to jump to the top number one unquestioned quarterback Aaron Rodgers type status. I think they're both gonna be David chance to be top five quarterbacks. But I don't know that one going to be standing out over the other. See you got your guy. He seems happy about being there. You're right. You want to get the new coach and the best coach to fit him going forward reports out of Cleveland word that even before they lost the game tonight. That had been decided Greg Williams was not going to be retained as the coach. So they're going to get another coach in their grounds are in good shape. And I I'm in a long time. They've got something that they can sink their teeth into and Browns fans can be excited about. Yeah. They look they look pretty good. Thanks for the call. I appreciate your time. I love the days and all those guys enough. Good, man. Let's go Brown. You've got it before you know, it the Brown season will be rolling back again. Now would they put the Browns back on hard knocks? They don't usually like to do teams back to back years and the Browns would not have to do it. If they don't wanna do it since they just did it there certain rules that allow teams to pass undoing hard knocks. You can't say hard knocks hurt them. They had some funky things hard knocks producers it, and they try and pick personalities and a lot of guys who were the stars of hard knocks weren't big contributors to the Browns. You Jackson being one of them. A couple of other players that didn't quite make the cut. Certainly Baker Mayfield was featured prominently. He was featured, and he has a huge part of it. But it was I thought a really good season hard knocks and the Browns improved as much as they did. So you can't say hard knocks hurt them before the season started maybe back on it again aren't from California's up on CBS sports radio yard happy new year. Jody MAC, I tell you. The eagles. I didn't have them in the playoffs after getting blitz by the saints in going to foreign six going five and one down the stretch. Wow. I pretty much wrote them off to. One the grave. Banana peel. Unbelievable. I'm telling you that folds. He's going to be okay. You got. Bruce Graham sets walking back to the locker room. So that was a good sign. That is I mean, and you're right about cousin is Sola rated eighty four million, right? Let me let me ask you. I'll tell you two points together. Kirk cousins was worth three years and eighty something million dollars last year free agency granted he had been starting quarterback of the Redskins for full seasons. Which Nick polls hasn't done. He has never been starting quarterback per team for an entire season. He's not started sixteen games. But he did what he did last year. And now he's done what he's done this year. Crowd is Nick foles not Getty similar payday to Kirk cousins. I'd rather give I'd rather give Nick polls three years and eighty million dollars in Kirk cousins, three years and eighty million dollars. So I think that the eagle fan should enjoy this Nick foles run. It's probably the last run. They're going to get with Nick. I think he's gonna be elsewhere in actually. Yeah. It's definitely the last one. There's no doubt about it. What did you just kidding yourself like a house or last week kidding yourself? But I wanna talk about your jets. The nino. In the morning. You know, he's breathing a sigh of relief finally gets fired. That's you know, that's not a foregone conclusion. We all knew it was coming. But you know, he was sweating it out this week. Now, the one it's going to happen. You're not going. Yeah. But they're going to be drafted number three who they drafted three. They should take the best pass rusher. Available because the jets were whoa. For being able to put pressure on the quarterback this year. And this is supposed to be a very strong draft for guys who can get to the quarterback Outside Linebackers defensive ends. There is no running back. If you want to try and stay away for making a major lady on bell play than you think to bending is going to get crazy and you've got his shoes with the way analyst businesses year. And you don't want to get in on bell business, surely the jets need an upgraded running back. There isn't a running back that deserves to be third picking the draft the jets for my money need a big time big play wide receiver. There's no wide receiver deserves to go this high in the draft, although they could certainly use some upgrading on the offensive line. I don't think they're going to go with a left tackle at the number one three pick in a draft. So. It's pretty cut and dry. The jets will be taking a defensive lineman and or outside linebacker pass rushing outside linebacker with the number three pick in the draft. That's the only upside to this jet season that Sam darnold, of course. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to root for draft picks just lose baby. No I root for my team to win. Even when I know they're going nowhere fast. And they're not making the post postseason. I can't bring myself to lose to root for my team to lose. Now that it's all over could job way to go to Karen that Dern picking a draft will use it high pick everything around. That's what we like to hear. I don't know how you could sit in front of a TV or go to the game and not want your team. I couldn't. I mean, I I'm watching the game today. And I'm like, you know, if they were to somehow win this game this before obviously before the game started. I get a chuckle out. It'd be nice to meet the patriots. The patriots. Sure, why not. Now, picking fifteen third who cares to spot should sticking to the patriots. That's the preferable Alcon. But now it's over sober. Third picking the draft you go Brady threw touchdowns. Appetite sounds after touch them. What else has no against the jets? Kevin John hanging out punch. You guys have when we get back half an hour to play all calls with ripping through straight to the top of the hour. Jodi, Machiavelli on CBS sports radio. We're on the lines the rest of the way after the latest CBS sports update. Let the Schwartz be with you..

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