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With the it's a very very interesting question what to do about this Scott in San Diego California high closure speak to Dennis I agree completely with you I'll tell you my story real quickly I wish I left college right after Grenada and became a green beret because it president Reagan and Grenada my grandfather who was a founding member of the green berets in nineteen fifty two when I saw that student the first you can get off the aircraft that was rescued and he fell to his knees in case the tarmac and then they were interviewing as young blonde girl that since we were so scared we heard gunfire we thought we were all going to be killed in this door flew open and all she heard was US marines and we're here to take you home I joined I left college to go join I love this country and I'm sorry it's a team sport goes team members should Carissa heightened said you're representing the United States of America not your own personal interest thank you Paul need to put aside their personal love of the sport could do what's right during which right it's hard sometimes yeah so I will I I want I cannot tell you you are so correct I thought I was the only one feeling this but I I'm praying a loose while no I'm torn now I have to admit it I am torn I I he is this is a very important lesson very important and that is in all of American life the laughter bullies people are afraid to say that they support the president literally afraid do you know how often people come over to me airports men's rooms and they will then whisper you know why I agree I really like to present they they look around the last time I saw people look around before speaking for me was when I visited the Soviet Union as a kid the twenty one year old the Dennis Prager show live from the relief factor pain free studio Hey Mike is the house going along needs a tunnel work the pipes are leaking needs a new roof the AC just broke I just don't.

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