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Was going to explode on the fifth pick. So where are we at seven because it seven. Even though they've traded for jared goff they've moved on from matthew stafford the the consensus seems to be. We have a lot of spots to fill on this roster. Let's start building out around your goff to me. Just justin fields with upside and potential and what he offers. I think it would be tempting for them. So in this scenario. I've got them taking justin fields. That necessarily mean that that. We don't see jared golfing alliance uniform. It's just going to allow them to be patient with justin fields knowing. You've got your head coach. Gm on long term contracts. This is a long term play Trying to upgrade at talent the most important position on the field. Okay so if we think about this from a long-term standpoint what better way to bring a young quarterback logged than have a veteran that is there and if this was the case i think this is the alex smith. Patrick mahomes situation. Re-created jared goff is a good player. Good lead a good dude. Good teammate. i certainly understand that. He would kind of bristle at the notion of bringing in another quarterback but what if he plays well while justin feels developing. I think he's a win. Win for the detroit lions. I dearly there. If you're the lion's jaw golf starts this year. Plays really well. You're able to then parlay jared goff into some more draft picks you got a bunch of picks with gopher matthew stafford now a year later you parlay goff into more picks. And you've got your young quarterback there in fields all right. Let's get to number eight of the carolina panthers I've taken her. Sean slater a slater sewell either. Very close to me. I know you prefer others prefer. So i like slater. I don't think they could go wrong with either guy but upgrading offensive line as a key. Whatever your met rule talkie always discusses toughness and controlling the trenches The thing do they can do offensively as the personnel on the office aligned so they can dominate it because remember chris. Mccaffrey didn't really play much last year. They get him back. They can run it. I mentioned peninsula. Doesn't have to wait long denver so he would end up sliding into right tackle. Thank your bowls just got a new contract. Played very well left tackle. Don't love asking sewell to move to the right verdict on the left. But when i look at the at the denver broncos. I think the assumption is corner while they they solve that able to upgrade the corner position With kyle fuller so to me being able to go on the offensive line and released fortify that group. I like it now. I do like it. I i think is is time to fortify their group for this The team in a situation where they can control enclosed ground on their rivals. The way that you it is maybe inflate takeaway. Oh keep keepaway on office. This move certainly give him that opportunity to our buck next up with the tenth pick. I've got the dallas cowboys. Going quickly pay from michigan so they get an edge rusher to put opposite of demarcus lawrence. You know this is a prize because when we talk about the dallas cowboys. We we talk about quarterback normally patrick satanic has kind of been mocked there or maybe even an office alcove acquitting phase. The edge rush. And we. You look at kuwaiti pay. He does kinda fit with dan. Quinn lights active athletic. Asta motor explosive player. I could see a work because he. Dan quaint gonna standing on the table for a guy who certainly has some of that activity that he likes now..

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