Canada, Senator Tiko Rodriguez, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed on America's Morning News


Gratitude to family friends and his medical team abridges The sun, Of course, the late actors Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges is a seven time Oscar nominee known for his roles in Starman to regret the Last picture show he won an Academy Award in 2010 for Crazy Heart. And, most recently nominated for playing a grizzled lawman in hell or high water. Well, it is sad that love knows no borders, And that was never more true when it came to grand parents from Maine, who wanted to see their grandkids get married in Canada. Alex. Lucky and Lindsay clothes were married on a Worf in ST Stephen, New Brunswick, while their grandparents and other relatives watched on a boat Usedto hall. Lobster traps on the boat was on the ST Croix River, which divides the U. S and Canada. The idea of the water bound wedding was hashed after the couple had that cancel their nuptials up north because of the U. S. Canada border is closed by the pandemic. The couple even came up with a hash tag for the international Pitching hashtag Love is not canceled. You're seeing a lot of creativity folks even up here in Washington state. As the border remains closed, many people will walk up to parks along the border. And they are able to speak that way. Many families and friends. That's the way they are a meeting because the borders closed and No telling when Canada will reopen it. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just extended the closure because of the case counts here in the U. S. Well, is that wad of bills, is it? Is it a lot of bills in his pants? Or is he just happy to? Ah, find a way to hide a stash of cash from authorities. Talking about a Brazilian lawmaker here, and the answer was neither Senator Tiko Rodriguez has resigned. His job and president garb also narrows government after police searched his home and found cash he stashed in his underwear. At first cops found thousands of dollars in a safe and Rodriguez is home. Then the senator asked to use the bathroom. Police reports that as he headed to the Cannes officer saw what looked like a lot of Benjamins in his drawers, and a subsequent search of the undies turned up. More of the dollar bills. The senator was being investigated for alleged misuse of covert 19 relief funds..

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