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To fox news podcasts dot com America's listening to fox news division at the U. S. Supreme Court over church services during the corona virus pandemic in a five to four decision the Supreme Court rejects a California churches request to set aside public health orders capping attendance at services the decision revealed sharp differences between Chief Justice John Roberts who joined the liberal justices in the majority and the other conservatives over the response to covet nineteen the South Bay United Pentecostal church in Chula Vista contended that the caps to twenty five percent of capacity or a maximum of one hundred persons discriminate against religion because some secular businesses were not held to similar limits Carmen Roberts fox news a judge in Utah puts the brakes on a concert the could have attracted thousands of people the move made after Utah recorded its largest single day increase in virus cases the event featuring country singer Collin Raye was aimed at supporting businesses hurt by the crisis organizers say they're hoping to hold the event somewhere something that many people of mist is coming back to West Virginia video lottery retailers in West Virginia can open their doors to customers but with limited capacity in social distancing guidelines in place operators are being asked to make sure they're six feet of space between customers staff will be sanitizing spaces regularly people who visit video lottery establishments also have to do their part by wiping down machines after use Rachel Sutherland fox news lots of eyes are watching the skies in Florida as SpaceX and NASA prepare for a second time to launch two astronauts into orbit their first attempt on Wednesday was called off due to rain today's forecast is still iffy they have another window tomorrow if needed FOX's Eben brown lunch time today is scheduled for three twenty two.

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