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Then once he gets the cage, you have chains and if you can defend those chains, remember Michael Johnson was able to defend some after he got taken down and beat up. Edson Barboza was able to defend some. We all remember all he was beaten Barbosa. So bad look at if you look at that third round, but both actually made a good account for himself. You Actually Defense to take down solitaire start around, and I dare say Conor may have as good take down defense of our Bosa. And I will say that I think Conor has better take down to fence Michael Johnson, which. Sounds crazy because Michael Johnson always athletes and all this stuff, which is true, or do you get that from the. I just I was I was out for us is fight. And then also just looking at Michael Johnson's last night which I watched yesterday on Elkins. But where do you like to take down the fence of Gruber against against did have somebody Alvarez Alvarez makes money off. Mendez taken down easy. But then again, there was rumors that he was hurt. So yeah, the question for Ford whose calls dragging on by the way. This guy just won't. Ford. I know you love your kids. Faira was the boy's name again. I always crock. Okay year sitting next to this crazy man, and he put the gun to your head when you left home, you gotta you gotta take it. All right. Somebody scored a ticket and when you lived home, you rub Brock on the head and said, hey, boy, I'll be back and he told fair, keep an eye. And you know, he said, I'll be home after the fights. When you get to the fight, somebody pulls the hood over your head and drives you somewhere else. These some maniac. He just comes up with shit like that thing, Dennis hopper and speed just crazy. And then he puts the gun to your head and says, do you wanna see rock and fair again, will this main events about the start? Tell me who wins you go home, you get it wrong, you lose, don't fuck in life or tell the truth. All day long. Nothing. We'll sit. I'm talking to. They go away. I'm telling you, see now picture now picture on Ford fighting Dennis hopper top train over this answer hopefully does better than counter REEs because again, Dennis hopper another one of those old guys with ridiculous strengthen the move. How is he holding up with the lead? You know, kinda like Tom Cruise mission, impossible. Another top of the train fight seeing how are these guys so strong when they get to the top of moving trains. Sorry. There's one thing in that breakdown hold, very valuable didn't here. It's just the mental warfare Connors, not gonna play that game. I mean, he's not gonna. Pay came, Tony Ferguson would get caught up in that. That's. Connors is getting people well frazzled, and it's just not going to work on. And I think when it doesn't work, it's when it frazzled Connor. Well, we'll see. Luckily, this fights less than two months away. Knock on wood. We get there because this fight card cannot. I'm sorry to say it, but it cannot sustain. Something happening to the main event. It's not deeper, went over this with my man, Sean Lennon from the fight Lee report yesterday. I was a guest on his show. And yeah, we got some Derek Lewis and Volkov and a few other car fights on the card that that are actually fly. But I'm telling you the UC would have been better served to have Dustin versus. Nate Diaz on this card. And the reason is because of God forbid, something happened to be Connor in NATO, poi- here's here's some money. We'll see in a couple of months kid, but these two got to settle the trilogy and it's still fights. Everyone's happy people that paid twenty five hundred or whatever the people at home that are gonna pay for this paper view because you're getting Nate. He's calling for three. And if something happens to the other party which is McGregor, you'll poi- you deserved it anyway. Step aside, boy, here's some money. You go in there and the could write those checks to those guys even without fighting because this is the thing sold out. It's going to be a huge at the gate on the paper us, but I love that insurance policy for these fans, and it sounded like Nate wanted to be a part of that. It's, yeah..

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