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Well Jordan. That's that's kind of what I've been up to a lot of change in my life from the moment we I talk and yeah it's it's changed a lot. Since the moment I realized and opened up my eyes and started reading a lot of different things. You know and stronger me you know so are you like. Are you going to be doing any like any videos like my movies and stuff? Tv shows are like. Are you like into like acting and stuff too or he is going to use it and stuff but Right now where I live. There's not much acting going on so I would probably want to get into some of that but just the opportunity hasn't came up to happen. I mean I'm like to film and I like to News film scoring and stuff like that and get people hit me up on that. I have a project I hit up on that the Wanted to want to pay me to do some Sound effects and sound and film scoring to it but we'll see how it goes and see if they actually follow through because a lot of people are a lot of talk and I'm about action some about taking action and doing what I can do. You know me too but Is that is that we want to talk about today? Is that it. That's that's a good. That's a good thing. Leave off with You know it was great being on your show Jordan. Thank you for having me. You are so welcome. Where can people fall you on social media? Just look me up. Western Salinas That's W. E. S. T. O. N. S. I M. O. N. I S. I have music page. There is You can follow me on there. You're listening in there I also have my you know personal profile You could send me a friend request. I might take your friend request. Don't don't get mad if I don't because I mean I do get a lot of people. Hit me up ahead of time where I had people from all over the world sending me friend requests every time we have a fire disaster because as a for a while in firefighter for a long time I have like content out there about wildland firefighting and people start sending me friend requests. I mean one one night I had like probably like five hundred in one night one time. So you know Because people just send me a friend requests over fire disasters you know 'cause the habit content out there and they you know they tell me. Oh thank you for this content you know but And then bill people will disagree on that content because you know what I have is not exactly what they they think is you know. And they don't you don't see a lot of Of the stuff that's going on first so they'll sit there and to disagree with it and that's that's usually what typical people do is still disagree on something that they don't have experience with. And what what do you think of the The California fires and all that I want to thank of the California fires are man driven and There's a lot of Unmanaged forest out there. That could be That could help if they decided to manage more around the big cities and get people to stop. Stop having overgrown vegetation and fuel loads around their house. That's that's a lot of the problems I mean there are is Seattle think of the Santa Ana winds says do playing factor but The fuel load around your house and around civilization should be managed better. And if you can't manage that and you sit here and you know have a disaster after disaster than you're going to just continue to fail and I think that a lot of that is happening because of that and You can yeah and some people try to say it's global warming but then you sit here and you look at things and you go well not necessarily could be global warming global warming could change it completely in a different way. You know it's it's us. Humans trying to play God way and have our civilization and a place that you know. is not healthy for a living for people in the first place because they have too much vegetation around their place. I mean that stuff is good to have you know. Yes we trees we need. We need to have healthy trees. They think about the trees in the way they grow if you just let them grow and not have any healthy. You know Management to it. It's just going to be all sticks growing up if you look at a forest that's unhealthy. You're going to see a bunch of trees together that you can't see through and they're going to be really fan and small but if you get to a healthy forest where trees are big and round and tall And support theirselves. They're going to have at least a fourteen foot's band between each other. They're touching each other you know so there's a lot of there's a lot of factor in And that part but you know you could sit here and talk about managing forests saw long and and how it would work better for free. You know the forest fires but not always to not not always is. Is that the factory. You know. You've got to put a lot about Topography and The weather you know a lot of per topography and weather could play a lot of factor. And what these forest fires are doing so I mean a healthy forest. That's Manish can always help manage the force a better for fire fires in its place and you know. Prevent less fires but not. Is it going to stop every fire? So a managed forest is a better choice than an unmanaged forest and actually puts out more oxygen. If you think about it because the trees are bigger out more. They put out more oxygen because they're bigger and small. These smaller trees just make more fuel loads for the fire and they feed the fire so You know and I. I'm not the Expert I am a fire expert but I am not all always right on everything I talk about because you know Things could change tomorrow and everyone has their own opinion and everyone thinks that they're right and you know I'm just saying it would be a better choice to have managed forests versus unmanaged forests. And you know we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA hear a lot of people talk. Do the chicken. Little The sky's falling you know. The Sky is falling sky's falling so van. Vote for my campaign. This is why this is why this is in sky is following. You know it's it's life and people just want to talk about that stuff but Anyway I was glad to be on your show here Jordan. Yeah I loved every man it so thank you so much for coming on Weston. Yeah all thanks buddy and we'll have to do this again. remind everyone that might Single my little bear is coming out on March twentieth. Twenty twenty and He'll be on every music APP. There is so you can get out there and listen to it on your favorite one including including Pandora Pandora. I got on an. You're you don't get that much love anymore. So we'll tandoor does get a Lotta love. The Pandora doesn't get all of the reason why it doesn't get a Lotta love in ways is because it doesn't put very many indie artists independent artists on there. They need to yes so But they have changed things. Because I've noticed that a lot of artists going independent these days versus with the record label and It's just is what it is. Okay so If you could leave the podcast with a Any advice would you give to the Tim and why I would the advice that I would give them. Today is to learn from your failures and look at why you failed. Pick yourself up and don't hurt yourself too. Hard in the process continued to love yourself and be you well on that note we will end his podcast episode. Dj J. Man. And I always say. Believe me yourself and you'll go far in life a lot of the guys so much. Thanks so much for this entity. Three talk as podcast as I stutter. Like always do it happens. It's it's me. I guess is part of my personality. I'm going to start her on but anyways I will see guys next time on the next episode this season. Three think will be tied to Richard Long. So that'll be exciting to Taught him he's a family and businessman. That should be a lot of fun and This has been a assode five The talk gas podcast season three with West. Mona's changing change is good Wasn't Simonas and I believe that so Major Terriers Pie Stars. Fair podcast network or by by searching guitar casts or go to Anchor Diet van. Cise she talked gas farm out more of mission. I how you can listen and says the voice message if you want to as well. We have reached that thirteen different platforms and we have reached three point. Three K plays which is awesome. I'm very happy to have that. I'm very happy inside to have everyone the right now. Thanks so much for being here and I will see you all next time permits you blame yourself and you go far in life. I love you and peace. Roll the out tra- As we hope you enjoy that episode of the talk cast if you did make sure to rate is five stars and subscribe to the podcast and follow the cast. All social media to stay updated in the loop on facebook at the talk cast twitter instagram at the talk cash. Pot Exhau- much for listening to the talk as podcast with DJ J. Man..

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