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She is the managing partner of Dylan law group army has a friend and you know doing has a case proceeding. all right we are trying to patiently wait for the authorities and Portland to do their jobs investigate these crimes arrest people and charge them but that hasn't happened yet so you know at some point we'll have to sort of assume it's not going to happen but I am trying to get the benefit of the doubt to the authorities to be clear you know there is lined up to I think want to do their jobs and then there are you know supervisors who may have a different political bent weird and I'm wondering if you have any opinion on the amicus brief that's been filed on behalf of many cities and counties Los Angeles to overturn the read the insanity ninth ninth circuit Martin first of Boise. I've heard about it I have not had a chance to review it we've had a busy week in court at our firm this week so but of course I think that the first of all my analysis of this is that a lot of these cities are reading this ninth circuit opinion too broadly because my circuit opinion as I recall says that you can't move people off the streets of there's nowhere to put them but you know California spend a billion dollars on homeless miss remediation and has places to put them into the political will to do somehow made a settlement that qualified place to put them as bad for every individual in the street they they codify that in some way and that's when they are there yeah wrote down right but I think anyway I I think people are interpreting that ruling too broadly but certainly it is and and out liar and inconsistent with reality here in California so hopefully it does get a second look and you know today the president nominated to more of judges to the ninth circuit so as as time moves on we're getting a more favorable and rational make up of that court so that's good as well let's talk some calls here this is Tony Tony go ahead you're on with our meat Dylan. yes thank you so much for that topic it is very relevant to those of us who served in the courts at Sportage repairs there are hundreds of people or. also medical interpreters. service free masters who serve as independent contractors at the we are what we are waiting to see how this legislation get it back but we don't see anything good in the legislature work start and we're also part of the group that don't have a high the body is that I'm aware of date that's on there you know at the people you know negotiating I'll be happy so there's no one at the table negotiate negotiating for us that we found ourselves on the table eat for lunch so I thank you for this attorney it for others that are trying to push back it fight against this law however it decides that now we're fighting against the lock after the fact. yeah that's right I mean you know we didn't talk about this one of the main impetus is of this entire project is to I believe to unionize more workers and to bring more of them under the some of the government and being beholden to the government so certainly anybody who works in the court system is being greedily eyed as a potential you know government worker unionized person without the flexibility that was previously previously available and can can I also just say I know we're we're kind of running short on time congradulations yesterday on the this the California judge that says that trump is not required to show his taxes to be on the ballot here in California. yes this is a rare positive ruling for cal into citizens frankly on this on the civil rights front because California as. the flaw as B. twenty seven which purports to require all presidential primary candidates to report five years of their tax returns to be on the ballot and the judge heard two and half hours of argument yesterday Morrison England in Sacramento I was one of the lawyers arguing before the court and we were able to convince the court to issue a injunction on the enforcement of this law issue a written ruling stating his Basie's by October first we just got a court order a few minutes ago saying that he'll do that but as we don't know the exact grounds but he heard arguments that involve preemption of federal law first amendment first misses the Asia and fourteen the man that qualifications clause in a couple of others so very interesting case and the attorney general's office was there are going for two and a half hours on the court was not persuaded. as a president called in thank you. me but I mean he has his own set of lawyers there were five cases the president was represented by his counsel there I represented the Republican National Committee the California Republican Party a list of Melissa Melinda's assembly member Melinda's and two other trump supporting voters and there are other interests represented there judicial watch represented a Democrat and an independent voter who also challenged the law so I think that the judge was not looking at this as a partisan issue he was looking at it as an over reach by the state issue and I'll quote unquote Hodge podge of different regulations in fifty states is not consistent with the constitutional requirements for this type of election very wise and smart ruling I think he listen to everybody carefully respectfully but I'm thrilled to win one occasionally for the right team thank you for your hard work I mean that you're fighting the fight that need a lot of us don't even know what's going on but thank you. my pleasure army thank you so much for that few with Dylan D. H. I. L. L. O. N. law dot com also P. N. J. A. B. A. N. on Twitter thank you army Preciado thank you bye bye we do live in seven ninety KABC what would you say if I told you can get a brand new S. U. V. for free and it doesn't even involve a ski mask or a clothes hanger the federal reserve is lowered interest rates for the first time in eleven years and that means opportunity for you my friend Andy in his guise of purpose funding will a five minute call go over how much you can save and tell you exactly what they would do if they were you.

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