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A surprise Storm and lightning last night in Central California over 1000 PG Any customers lost power in both Clovis and squat Valley. Power dropped out around 8 45 for just shy of 1000 customers in Clovis and more than 500 PGD customers in Squaw Valley, PG and E says around 11 30 PM The Power was restored in Clovis, Squaw Valley, Customers had to wait until the morning, spokesperson Danny Boyle says a series of outages are affecting about 5800 customers in Madera County, near course, Golden Oakhurst. PG and E says it's investigating the cause, Boyle says. Due to the fire risk, they have to patrol the entire length of all affected circuits before power can be restored. He says customers in the areas should expect the low level helicopter flights as part of their patrol and inspection efforts. New reaction to President Biden's push too tight vaccine requirements for the nation's workforce announced yesterday. During a briefing today, Jeff Scenes, the counselor to the president of the coronavirus response coordinator, was touting the positive response from the American Medical Association. The National Nurses Union and the Business Roundtable, which represents more than 200 businesses, employing a total of 20 million workers. Since the president addressed the nation last evening, you've seen a chorus of public and private sector institutions all come out. In support of the president's plan. Today, the CDC is releasing more evidence on the effectiveness of Covid 19 vaccines following the emergence of new variants of the virus. Those who were unvaccinated we're about 4.5 times more likely to get covid 19/10 times more likely to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die from the disease, and that's the director of the CDC Doctor Rochelle Walensky. Over to Wall Street where the Dow is currently running negative around 34,800 Valley weather right now, mostly sunny 86 at Radio City today sunny a high of 97. Down to 66 overnight for your Saturday high of 97 99 on Sunday. This news update is sponsored by indeed.

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