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Today is Thursday November twenty eighth two thousand nineteen on this day in seventeen twenty any an Bonney and Mary read were convicted of piracy and sentenced to hang only to receive a last minute reprieve. They would both be remembered as two of the most famous pirates in history for both their fearsome violence and the fact the they were women. Welcome to today in true crime podcast original today. They were covering two of the most famous female pirates in the golden age of piracy and Bonnie and Mary read after the capture of their ship. Tip The William and Captain Jack Rackham. The crew was put on trial. Let us go back in. Time to Seventeen Twenty Jamaica Gotcha at the court where the two women awaited their fate. The Admiralty Court was ready. Need to hand down. Its verdict ten days earlier Captain Calico Jack Rackham had been sent to hang along with four of his his crew. The only pirates left to sentence were and Bonnie and Mary read the two women who had supposedly dressed as men and participated in Jack's heinous crimes tension hung thick in the humid island air. The crowd jostled trying aimed to get a good look at the two prisoners. The women who had committed vicious acts of piracy alongside male counterparts according to one witness. Dorothy spin low. These two women were just as vicious as the men in their party wielding machetes and pistols Stolz to menace their prisoners. Dorothy testimony made it clear that these weren't helpless women forced into becoming concubines ends to a ruthless pirate. These were ruthless pirates and Bonnie and Mary read held themselves proudly as as they were brought in front of the court this despite the fact that their faces were dirty and their clothes hung ragged about them. They he gave no indication that they feared what the court had in store for them. The crowd was silent. One member of the courts stood and addressed addressed the prisoners. You Mary read and you and Bonnie alias. Bon are to go from hence to the place from from whence you came and from thence to the place of execution where you shall be severally hanged by the Neck 'till you are severally overly dead and God of his Infinite Mercy Be merciful to both your souls. Bonnie and read exchanged exchanged a glance not moving a muscle. Then they spoke. We plead our bellies. The court exploded into commotion. Onlookers shouted derisively at the women. It was a lie. They were just buying in time. The Admiralty Committee members exchanged glance. This matter had to be handled with extreme delicacy the judge judge ordered both women back to their cell at once as the court discussed the matter the testimony they'd heard throughout the day led them to. I believe that these women would attempt to escape the news by any means necessary. The court had to be absolutely certain of the pregnancies. Tests were ordered and local. Doctors inspected the women they returned to the court promptly with their verdict. The women were indeed both pregnant. Their executions would have to wait coming up. We'll discuss the careers of an Bonney and Mary read as well as their eventual fates. Now back to the story and Bonnie and Mary read were tried and found guilty of piracy on November. Twenty eighth seventeen twenty by this time they were already two of the most well known pirates in history not only because of their gender but also because of the improbable global fact that two women disguised as men had wound up on the same ship. Much of what we know of their lives. Before taking to the sea he comes from a book entitled a General History of the pirates by captain. Charles Johnson it was published in seventeen twenty four four four years after Annan. Mary's trial for piracy in it Johnson claims and Bonnie was the illegitimate child of a respected attorney. Ernie in Cork Ireland Mary read on the other hand was born in England and joined the navy at a young age while passing as a man. Though Johnson's book contains a number of embellishments. The following facts are indisputable by seventeen twenty. The two women men met aboard the ship of Captain. Jack Rackham there. The trio committed a number of acts of piracy alongside rackhams crew of nine men. Men Historians are uncertain. How Open Bonnie and read were about their true identities some maintain that it opened seed they lived as women and only donning male close went on a raid others claimed that they masqueraded as men throughout their careers as pirates but all these accounts definitively agree that Mary and Anne were close friends and that Calico Jack was in on their deception after months? Awesome sailing with Calico Jack Onboard his sloop William and Bonnie and Mary read found themselves captured and held as prisoners of the crowd. Our along with the rest of the crew Calico Jack was hanged on November. Eighteenth in Port Royal Jamaica and most of his crew followed load shortly after before his execution Rackham came to visit and Bonnie in prison during which she supposedly coined one of the most most legendary farewells in the golden age of piracy. I am sorry to see you here but if you had fought like a man you need not oughta have been hanged like a dog. Unlike their doomed fellows and Mary still had some cards to play at the last last minute both of them claimed to be pregnant a practice known at the time as pleading your belly doctors examined them and determined at at least as far as medical knowledge of the time could tell both women were telling the truth. The Admiralty Court granted them a stay of execution until after their children were born but life in the Caribbean during the eighteenth century held dangers injures of its own even when not facing the news the average life expectancy in this period of history was around thirty five to forty and though Mary read was no average woman she would not defied these odds sometime in the spring of seventeen twenty one. Mary read fell ill and died. She was buried on April. Twenty eight th seventeen. Twenty one by Saint Catherine's Church in Jamaica. Her story lives on in the mid surrounding the golden age of piracy and Bonnie on the other hand vanished from history. Sorry after the trial the closest we get to a hint of her fate comes from the last page of her chapter in Johnson's book. What is become of her since we cannot tell only this we know that she was not executed? And thanks for listening to today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson. If you enjoyed this episode be sure to check. 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