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So if I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, my fear would be that Ben Rothlisberger decide that he has had enough and he will call it a career sometime soon to is point two off seasons ago. Ben Rothlisberger was saying that he could kind of see the beginning of the end and he talked a lot about retirement this past off season. And he talked about playing three to five more years. I wonder what he was thinking yesterday as he's laying there on the practice field after taking a knock to the head. This is the second time in three years that he's been in concussion protocol. He's a big burly quarterback a lot like Cam Newton. These guys have taken big hits over their careers for Ben thirty six years old. I think the beginning of the end is right now I tell you one thing, then you have to listen to Mason Rudolph. You know, this is the guy that you take it easy. Take us much time off us. You can't because you're getting on. To be toughened from them. You know, if I were, you stay on the most of the town, you know, take care of that concussions. When we. Ben supper is served objective from what he said to the home plate umpire. We continue our conversations about guys who have been in their respective leagues forever. Thirty seven year old, Ben's overseas in the news, and he had a conversation with an empire after this bad here where he was called out on a three, two pitch that looked outside. This isn't the conversation that got him toss, though. He got tossed a little bit later. I mean that looked through these. That's pretty borderline, but Ben was angry about this and he came back and spoke to the fire there. Phil Cousy. Here's what he had to say after the game about being addicted. I just basically said, well, that's that's why you know we wanted electron extract zone. And that's what got me tossed. Now Ben zobrist is mild mannered, you can seemingly tell by that video here, but he does deliver the one liners and that one liner must have struck fear into that unpire heart because it's the one thing that can take their jobs away is having a robot back. They're calling balls and strikes. I know the players wanted, I personally don't want it. I know that don't buy, doesn't want to feel Cousy. Let me stick up for the hair because feel cozy in Newark, New Jersey guide, poppies old stomping grounds. He didn't Jecht Benz over when he argued balls and strikes, which usually is an automatic ojection. He let him come back out in between the eighth and the ninth inning carried on the conversation. Then he tossed him to me. That's a borderline pitch. And usually balls and strikes you get thrown out first career, Jackson Benz oversee, got his money's worth on this one. I tell you one thing. I go show little league baseball. I told my players, you know anything close you. Sweet. That's dissenting sober is you know anything close you swing on the league rat on how many years? About fifty years? Yes. Year, no guy you're veteran played. You're seeing if you don't swing. That's what happened to you. You know, you look like a fully front of about forty thousand fans, coach, Dan, and little of us. Oh, I did that. They go him. You step into the patient in that what you get you get the first phase we're gonna base. That's right. That's good strategy next highly questionable. They're either going to a fight or they're jogging feel, but either way here's swearing and here comes to real fryer and swearing.

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