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The St and mm-hmm uh-huh uh-huh it is and since sir you were talking the other day as well about like how it's kind of a cycle in life you go through the stage when your kid and you're very attached to your parents and then and then you get your adolescence and near more cert- separating yourself from your parents your your brain literally he goes through these different successions in case you separate yourself from your parents and your more into your friends then at a certain point you want to isolate yourself from your friend group and you WANNA do your own soil living and then eventually your brain changes and and it looks into like getting a family in creating a tribe on your own and it's like but there's like there's like micro and macro cycles almost and so I I feel like I almost a way of like speeding up these cycles domos contained in all in one night understand like the expansion in like contraction of going inwards going outwards going inwards going hours could because you you can't heal anyone if you haven't yield yourself Ryan I mean that's that's the big thing I think that's part of life's journey is is really healing yourself in in your twenties in your thirties and then being able to support a family at the end of that or or in in the case of the WASCO circle being able to go inside your head being able to fight those demons being able to figure out there is so many people in the sharing circle that were like I've all my life felt like I was such an outsider and then I felt like that during the moments of silence during the eye Wasco when I was by the fireplace and that's a big thing in the eye Oscar ceremony right is like the halfway point where you go by the fire and you spend that time and it's so valuable because then because then it gives you the chance to heal yourself and then and then realized look at the end of the journey you want a tribe you want to support the tribe you wanna be able to work on yourself and then you want bring it back and give back just like you part of the tribe at beginning of your life but it was more about like growing yourself and the tribe is supporting you then it's like you need to finish in the middle of the drain you need to do the work on yourself and then you need to give back to the tribe and support try again yeah I feel like that is like the Mris that everyone comes out of it with at the end like everyone who argues for anyone in that room yeah they would Mr Refi you know White Alexa other people have on paper and I think that's like one of the things it's like really a common theme between Olaf and that's such like I just creates such a different environment as well like breeds different Tom Advantage in and you can tell me off it's super interesting it's super like I dunno like magical is magical magical in sock was even going through each one of them out no matter how micro macro they were it was like it was awful thing as well as just like kind of like BC's reeling going through these journeys Makes you realize anything's that would've taken so long to figure out but on the path anyways you can say that that is the fog official sometimes it's great you know what which part of that saccharine at minding time I'm lacking macy trum I watkin stand and if sometimes unrecognised this when you're riding it feels like your hands just writing and your just black hanging out for the ride yeah and you'll the minds kind of connected to the hand but you or whatever waking you ease I am is like is on just all don't you don't think about that you're not sell critic in the back of your like oh no this kind of sounds like but that's what that's what you came back to when you look back on that Sir you need to like that creepy for me it was one was like you need to like it was like you need to be the leader of your impact with something something like that that means like a Lotta things but it was kind of like it wasn't in a way that's like eager TC cool like I wanna be fucking king because it was more like like I really want to help people that let me see what I need to do that and they said what how about the best I feel like that's kind of what I was doing for with a lot of this stuff interesting stuff in here damage can we go I'm curious Super Super Case Euro Zero Dari might what's going on man mine is not going to be as exciting as yours like absentee it's cool down yeah like my my style has been our right is much and just like really like experience the moment and so I'm more just write down very like small like Kinda like almost to do list reminders of things to think about after the ceremony or like people to talk to whatever so like I don't know man like going through this it's like I just wrote lakes small things like just talking about like remember to like really appreciate music like really like always like give that energy to music even if you're like tired or don't feel like it's like the best at this point like that always like the music is Never GonNa Change and I don't know like I wrote some things about our our buddy Adam who's sitting in access like that was the first this was the first semi that we did with our group and like I I haven't heard anybody singing and I was just blown away by saying so I can't talk during the ceremony so I just wrote down on compliment adamant seeing you know just like I can read that in case I forgot I was in the world wind things going on in case I forgot that I can read it here in it'd be like okay I'll do that tomorrow about him when you write that down as well what are we thinking about Matt how Adam Yeah exactly yeah like he was all from love exactly the only reason I want to say that it was just I was so impressed and they'd like experience of like at that moment I had so much love like watching him singing just being I just wanted to get up and give them a hug like dude that was amazing and you know like obviously you can't do that in a ceremony repeatable yeah and I also know that I'm knocking the I'm not gonNa have that same feeling the next morning wake up like I'm sure I'll be like Yeah Adam sick but like I'm not going to be like man that was so great like gave me a hug man like sweet so it's good to write these things down to like to really remember that and then the other night while when I was when I was a helper think Adam Adam stoudt because he really like he really puts himself out there law and so he was doing this one song that nobody really knew the lyrics to so it was it was kind of like he didn't really have the support of the group because nobody knew how the song him if you like got really bummed out about it at the end because there wasn't as much engagement right and like as a helper it's almost it's nice that you have a little bit of leniency to like go up and be like I went up came out in like it's it's not about like you're getting better and you're putting in the effort to to do that and like that's amazing view just keep doing that you're going to be frigging good and like I said the other night he he had a song he just took out his car it was the first Ramon Egos Guitar and he nailed that Song I was amazed yeah that was really good so you guys are so much more empathy was really awesome when he played that song remember that an infected a lot of people in that at energy was really of like spreading throughout the room a super interesting how yet is like another message Oskar that you should just go and try things out and even you feel like you're gonNa feel birth that's like a signal to fucking destroy for it yeah I think like when you're at that luck yet should I do it should I not do it is like what are these who see what bucket off all these voices and even on the lawsuit like attacks of all feed of write that down into okay I'm GONNA sit up and I'm just GonNa Guard the group Mike joining try to help out we'll so like I agree with that but also I felt very sometimes during a ceremony especially yeah I feel very like entrapped because I feel like there's so many rules that we have to follow during ceremony in so you can't just like do.

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