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But now he's up 345 points. The S and P 500 index is up 43, the NASDAQ's Up 154. These are all just over 1% gains. Amazon is hiring another 75,000 warehouse workers and delivery drivers in the U. S and Canada with starting pay of $17. It'll also give a bonus to new hires who have shown proof of being vaccinated. Amazon has 16 distribution facilities in Maryland and Virginia. New filings. Unemployment benefits in Maryland fell again last week. Initial claims were up in D. C. You're a little changed in Virginia Nationwide 473,000 people filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week that is the fewest since the pandemic began. Used car prices are at record highs, and that is good for companies that sell them. Online used car seller room. That sales last quarter double a year ago to a record room sold. Almost 16,000 used cars online last quarter. Jeff Global WCup News straight Ahead on nobody. T O P. The Colonial pipeline company says everyone's served by its pipeline should start getting gas by mid day today. It's 9 56 on caress offs, leaders and innovation. High performance edge Computing. Jeff Winter rich, chief technologist to the D. O D at H P E said Cube frame for a I edge allows you to address security at the edge. But the great thing about cute frame for a I edge is it's built on a zero trust architectural, though it addresses the security at the edge concern. It also brings together the best of breed of cop solution. So we talked about taking data class accelerators to the edge. It enables Death sector ops pipeline from open shift and cupidity standpoints. And then it's based on open hardware as well. A software that just mentioned that allows you to kind of tailor to any of these needs and make sure it really brings value and Time to a solution that's palatable. Let h p in video Red hat Cara soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. To learn more visit paris off dot com slash innovation. That's cara. Soft dot com.

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