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You will attract goes of a higher level because the universal love like address leg is in play so the more you can develop spiritually evolved that way that we gonna bring higher levels of being very very true when we jump into things. We're not prepared will draw twist those beings or nap prepared. We're not evolved. And i've seen it happen. I've seen it happen. Unfortunately the people were jumping into psychic work in medium ship were and they weren't prepared for and they say oh. I feel like this dark energy around me could be. You're opening yourself up to that because you're not a napa perr yourself. I sent in development to seven years before we even one reading. What does that mean. I would sit in development which develop is is really developing yourself self sitting if you will a silent meditation or could be verbal a group of people who sit together at least once a week same time usually same chairs and they have sit for a group energy to build that energy because one of those people in that group or many people are media mystic. And they're really have been developed that energy within them and like a spirit guides around them work through them to develop their own if you will light body they're empathetic self and open that part of them up. It's almost like we're working on a car. Engine put up the and change. Valves were finger on same thing about working on the empathetic nervous system. The endocrine system of the of the vessel is working on the vessel and it takes many times years for them to work on us so that we can really be open and received correctly and be healthy about it now. You can't jump into the be end up being very tax your endocrine system very badly and getting disease or some kind of ellen so guy. You're mindful and responsible for developing correctly out on this tour. I get to ask..

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