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Oh, my God! Oh, my God. I think so, because you can't because your mother Drifts 747 free. That's 1 807 473733 you're listening to an all eighties weekend, John Hughes, creator of Mr Mom and National Lampoon's Vacation comes another Get the breakfast club w ves them West Palm Beach, South Florida's sunny Winter 79. And what's your left? My routine is night. You know those times? What made you Go on camera and just, you know. No, no, no. Oh, Way. Watch this stuff on me more hours in a way. Change. Leaving like way. You will be. Ready. Ready? Ready? Oh, God here is ready. Ready. Oh, God. Oh, Radio Lady. You're you. Here we go, Lester. Thank you. If Katie happy with him. Yeah. You didn't Which begins with the way you want it so much waiting, waiting. Wait. You got it. Hey. Stared around. Hey, wait the eighties weekend on Sonny one in 79. Good Sunday morning till Yeah, Here's Madonna..

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