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Tell you what it was. What what happened nine months earlier or a little bit more than that when was kennedy shot shot november third. I believe nineteen sixty three three okay so what you go nine months further. All these people aren't the same age. I'm just saying something happened where <music> age. I just believe okay all right. You're the one that said something happened for the baby boom so i'm no now. I think there's something happened. Maybe for that one year or it could have been kennedy being shadows of sex. This weird to me you buy. Hey i wasn't around so i don't know how people felt. Maybe people have wanted to close to one another right. Well you know what you were not doing. Them michael asked falk fifty five thirty three thus our christopher baronet brown county and despair wisconsin which has would be pronouncing that correctly fifty five ten goes on the dime ten lang doubled pickles on nine mount prospect illinois. He needs a job time we'll do we'll do jobs karma summit for the end for you. Erin chamberlain double nickels on the dime from dayton. Ohio still needs a d. Douching has been waiting and waiting deed do do show on demand reminds me. I do have a note to read before we go onto the other stuff which would apply here here. Aaron chamberlain dame rachel to defy f- birthday wishes and these birthday wishes for me which was other promote. They are all the birthday once wrote from here on out dame. Rachel starts it off fifty five this donation. This gimmick worked because it's cheaper. It's cheaper than your birthday. She'd been in my british also cheaper than ninety. One nineteen best wishes to add them on his birthday. Just wanted to send a note about the meet up. I'm hosting september twentieth at the same an wine bar in mandeville louisiana pronounce mandeville. It's right across the lake from new orleans. Thanks rachel. Thanks for the birthday. Wishes and volleying people all donated fifty five dollars all wished adam a happy birthday kevin mclaughlin sir up or syrup doc brian sin rancho santa margarita sir code monkey sir marcus of the hinterland lauren bush in blackwood <hes> robert <unk> d'ombre vertebra bart barton's checkup jakup honan carl lid lind nur r._v. Smith <unk> slot car baron of all products. Sorry yeah podunk so i was just reading the baron of all plo dunks karl schneider in lake bay washington macbook pro time to macbook pro looking for the macbook pros and book pro related to maxine waters gravel. Maybe eighty maxine waters gravel does not live in sibito. Okay ceylan this store in northville robert kerr back in essex saville james murray huntington beach or woody. Oh the falls.

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