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The. That game misconduct podcast with Don la- Greco and welcome to the Wednesday. They should have game is conduct. I am Don the Greco. We got a tweet yesterday will the be any deals before American thanksgiving while we've got one between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles not a blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination. But some familiar names as Carl Haglund former ranger former duck now former penguin he's in Los Angeles struggled this year offensively just one goal in sixteen games goes to LA La Land, Tanner Pearson. Twenty six years old goes to Pittsburgh. He's only got one point so far as a minus nine this season. But you know, a chance to play left wing with some stars legitimate guys that can maybe help him finish. She's a former first round pick. But you get four years younger if you're the Pittsburgh Penguins. And both contracts are fairly similar Carl Haglund also had a struggles despite being on a much better. Offense of team a goal, two assists, three points. He's played in the playoffs before. Jason, of course has played in the postseason before. But clearly, Pittsburgh looking to get a little bit younger and get somebody that might have a little bit more finish love Carl Haglund. Maybe one of the fastest players in the league. He's never been known as a goal score. And the hope is the Pearson will have a little bit more finish. He's got sixty nine career goals in three hundred and twenty five games hundred forty four points overall. He's got nineteen power play points in his grace cord nine power play goals. So Pittsburgh looking for a little bit more finishes. Something needs to happen here with the Pittsburgh Penguins. They've really struggled losers of six of their last seven games, and they lost last night again to jersey a team that for some reason, they just can't beat the devils. Have exactly two wins over the last few weeks in both of them coming against the Pittsburgh Penguins. So Pittsburgh never known as a team that she's going to sit in twiddle their thumbs and just hope to make the playoffs. Jim Rutherford is going to be aggressive, and he's certainly was getting Pearson. We'll see if that does help as I mentioned the devils with a four two win over Pittsburgh. Nice win. Four New Jersey. They've just been stellar at home. Just can't win on the road for whatever reason. But they've got Pittsburgh's number and there was a couple of turning points in this game. Devils had a two one lead going into the third period. And then it would be a Jake Gansel goal four. Oh, four into the third tie the game. But there was some controversy. Crosby crashed the net made contact with the skate of Khun Cade. He wipes out the goal goes in and the devils challenge. And it's up held no goal. Tender interference lot of double fans freaking out over it. It looked like Coleman may have touched Sidney Crosby. But I don't think it was enough. They Crosby couldn't of gotten out of the way of can Cade. So is that just a superstar getting the nod is that just hey wanting to keep whatever the goal originally was called on the ice. I mean, that's usually what happens a lot of times in the NHL will never admit this. But the feeling is that they really loathe to change a call by the officials on the ice didn't change it. But the devils come back in a gorgeous goal by Taylor hall as everyone collapses towards day. Jack who finds a wide open hall? I don't know how hall can be open of all the guys on the ice. That's the guy that you leave. Open and he goes five whole onto Smith. And then hall gets his second goal of the game into the empty net to win as New Jersey desperate for victory beats Pittsburgh by the final score of four to two islanders. When the nice win over the Canucks five to there. So Vancouver comes out east loses back to back games on back to back days to the Rangers..

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