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This is an nine seventy the answer. For at twenty six degrees with cloudy skies central park. What's going on the answer man is dead? Another person in critical condition following the fire. Burning fire chief of Montana says that the place started just after five o'clock yesterday at a multifamily house had twenty five south. I have heavy volume of smoke and fire department on the second floor rear. Entry was gained. One victim was pulled from the fire. What downstairs CPR was performed according to officials are sixty man died in other the president had been taken to the hospital in critical condition. Officials say smoke detectors inside the building dot co off causing a fire under investigation Amandus accused of driving drunk and killing a boy scout last year freon pale rob Dawson with more attorneys involved in the case say sixty year old Thomas Murphy is negotiating a plea agreement with Suffolk County DA's office. He's accused of killing a boy scout and injuring four others. Mandeville last September at the time of the crash Murphy's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. He faces up to twenty five years in prison. If convicted of aggravated the Hitler homicide and other charges. Rob Dawson NBC News Radio New York sports action devils over the penguins and next's nets. And Knicks both lose now construction this morning with the George Washington Bridge, if you're heading into the city, the lower level ez pass along with your approach with the Palisades interstate Parkway looking pretty good both for Lincoln and Holland tunnel. Bayon bridge reopens by the top of the hour have three lanes closed southbound Garden State Parkway Clooney arrests area over towards exit one thirty northbound through lanes down at one thirty seven into the union toll plaza alternate side in effect today. You'll leave the umbrella cloudy sky afternoon, rain, a high and low forties. You now know what's going on on Bill Geoghegan AM nine seventy the answer. We all know the secret to the best Italian food is the sauce.

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