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Learning abilities in Paso Robles have reported the man hunt for that suspect involved in the murder of a California sheriff's deputy is over and the suspect is dead hundreds of California law enforcement officers were hunting for the gunman suspected of opening fire at a police station hitting a Santa Cruz deputy in the head killing a transit with a bullet to the back of his head the FBI is investigating whether the suspect has links to the killing a federal security officer was shot outside the U. S. courthouse in Oakland during a protest against police brutality back on may twenty ninth K. D. R. V. TV in Oregon also reported last year that a Fresno man named Mason leroy was arrested for talking about guns and threatening people on an Amtrak train traveling from claim falls to Eugene it's a developing story and will have more coming up on it shortly this afternoon the coronavirus death toll in nearing a grim milestone in California just as county start to re open from the governor's state homeowners keep the case John were nice he runs down the numbers coronavirus deaths in the state are nearing five thousand one hundred eight new deaths reported Wednesday brings the total to four thousand eight hundred fifty four according to the Sacramento bee the number of new cases is also on the rise with nearly three thousand reported Wednesday the news comes as some counties are moving into phase three of re opening meaning gyms bars and campgrounds can open again so long as those counties can show they're able to handle a possible surge in cases the majority of new cases are popping up in southern California but Sacramento and San Joaquin county also both reported a recent uptick in new cases and hospitalizations John Byrne Ising news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. we had a significant drop on Wall Street today and this afternoon investors apparently banking some of their profits from the recent market rallies after warning signs the US economy is not gonna rebound as quickly as first hoped the major indexes were down more than five percent increases in the number of coronavirus cases and a number of states tend to be spooking investors throw in the labor department reporting another one and a half million Americans filing jobless claims last week that apparently was enough to convince investors to sell our KPK financial expert Kelly brothers will go in depth at five forty seven here K. F. B. K. meantime at five thirty three the Sacramento region experiencing record unemployment rate due to the impact of the corona virus pandemic KP case Mike blunt has the latest fall some workers in California are slowly returning to work as the retail and entertainment sectors reopen the rate of unemployment in the greater Sacramento area is higher than it's ever been labor market consultant Carol Welch with the employment development department says that includes the two thousand and eight recession fourteen point two percent is the highest unemployment rate has been in the Sacramento region even at the peak of the Great Recession the rate was twelve point eight percent the leisure and hospitality sectors lost the most jobs while finance all the most games Michael K. ho with the California center for jobs in the economy says many of the jobs lost may never come back which could delay economic recovery actually is the costs of employment in this state gets higher and higher mall businesses many of them are not going to have a lot of options other than to look at more automation my client's news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. in California the latest job reports this afternoon shows over a quarter of a million residents filing for benefits nationwide one point five million Americans submitted applications for unemployment insurance last weekend here in California the employment development department says over two hundred fifty eight thousand filed for benefits in the same time period bringing the total number of people in the state without a job two five point one million five thirty five this hour's top national stories now on news ninety three point one K. if because a man hunt in central California has come to an end to police confirming that the suspect who is wanted in connection for ambushing the police station yesterday and pastoral bliss is dead after a week of clashes with demonstrators assembled Seattle police department has abandoned a precinct to allowing a group of protesters to take control of a six block area around the now boarded up building ABC's Matt Gutman is their idols mayor responding.

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