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Of American troops he says based on his conversations with general Miller that number could be reduced from fourteen thousand to eighty six hundred that he says would be enough to continue counterterrorism operations but he said any withdrawal would be conditions based and a peace agreement would be the best way forward you'll be holding talks here with Afghan officials as well that's CBS is Cammy McCormick reporting Canada's Conservative Party is advertising is leader as bland and its touting that as a virtue the move seen as an antidote to prime minister Justin Trudeau's Flashdance star power the party is counting on this very quality to help Andrew sheared defeat Trudeau's Liberal Party in national elections on Monday in the words of Canada's former conservative foreign minister John Baird quote he's not the sizzle he's the steak polls show here has a chance to defeat the liberals after a combination of scandals and high expectations damage Trudeau's prospects but here also has a bumpy ride he has been criticized for embellishing his resume and not revealing that he holds dual U. S. Canadian citizenship what thirty eight in time now for Bloomberg business day while they are usually direct competitors and IBM's vision of cloud computing Amazon and Microsoft will be allies rather than rivals that's what the customer needs is what to do first IBM CEO Ginni Rometty who is betting on the hybrid cloud which lets IBM offer services on corporate customers cloud based servers as well as on third party clouds operated by the likes of Amazon and Microsoft she says it's all about innovation sometimes your innovation will come from Google Amazon Microsoft IBM and you're gonna want to take advantage of wherever innovation comes from so after struggling to keep up in the cloud market for more than a decade Romani says IBM aims to partner with other tech giants by supporting clients as they shift sensitive data bases to the cloud regardless of which provider they use like an almost every business you have competition and cooperation how do you make it work as an example she points to IBM's thirty four billion dollar purchase of red hat last year as an open source software company it has to work across all platforms remaining neutral I'm Steve potus Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio is twelve thirty nine we check sports traffic and weather next what would you like to be better at.

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