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I think that yes it is that wow so there was a thing thing that was actually reported by robert krulwich on n._p._r. So in one thousand nine hundred eighty two cartographers put a fake town on a map of new york state it was called aglow aglow and it was a way to catch plagiarists and out. You copied my map eight congratulations. Thank you yes you ashley product plus ski one asked me another rubik's cubes julio. We'll be back to play another game later in the show. Give it up for julio toro <music>. Our next game is about online shopping recommendations. Remember before the internet when jeff bezos just went door to door telling people what to buy so cute. I up ashley davis. You're a philanthropy advisor adviser and you love the musical hamilton so much that when it first came out you create a historical tour of new york based on it. So how long did it take for you to put it together. Oh it took months to put together. I had never seen the show so i i started by listening to it every day. For a couple of months and then i was able to compile where everything was taking place. Put that together some new york geography and some history research and then you have how many people have taken your tour where it was designed for somebody's birthday so it was a special treat was well. It sure was have. Have you seen the musical sense about a year later. I was lucky enough to get to see it. I gotta say the tour was better getting get arlington england. No no we're cutting that part out and just keeping what you said ashley when you bring in we'll hear this your opponent and is brett greenfield europe. Each.

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