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Found abandoned just north of Watkins, Deputy searched the area and they were able to make contact with the suspect and another woman, and during that time deputy say they were alerted The suspects had a gun shots were fired. The woman was killed. Deputy say they still at this time are trying to talk to witnesses as part of the investigation on Fox 30 one's Jim Hooley for K Away News Radio today. At noon, we get an update on how Colorado's dealing with the Corona virus pandemic Governor Pulis's briefing comes as the state is trying to get more vaccine if we could have Five million doses of vaccine tomorrow we would take it. We have said that to our federal partners. It just isn't available right now. Over 19 incident Commander Scott Bookman says he still believes the steak and meet its goal of vaccinating 70% of people age seven to get up by the end of February. He also says there should be enough vaccine on hand to give second dose is two people who have gotten their first shot. Whatever City Council's telling food delivery companies to continue limiting the fees they charge to Local restaurants Council voted last night to extend the 15% cap on those fees until the middle of June. Fee cap for companies like door dashing Grubhub was put in place in September after business owners complained the fees were hurting restaurants already suffering because of the pandemic. Pushback from the energy industry on a new moratorium on Lisa's for exploration and drilling on public lands. The Western Energy Alliance as president Biden's move threatens the economy of states like Colorado. Lucky on the Colorado front range in that they're very few federal lands but areas on the West Slope it's almost impossible to develop any oil and natural gas in those areas without Hitting some federal minerals underground or some surface alliances. Kathleen Saddam. A study by the University of Wyoming professor projects a loss to Colorado of $586 Million a year over the next five years through a loss of energy leases on federal land. Airlines are issuing travel waivers as a winter storm. It's the eastern half of the country snows expected across the Midwest. Last night, a rare winter tornado hit suburban Birmingham, Alabama..

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