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I'm grateful and I wouldn't change anything as scary as some of this has been over my life. Everything I've experienced, UFO wise, paranormal wise, and just real life wise has all gone to form who I am becoming. And I'm liking that. I'm good with that. At some point, you experience the vibration from within your body. What is that about? During the June 30, 1983, incident, as I was coming out of the garage, I was hit in the chest by what all I could call it is a bright white light. And when I did it vibrated, every molecule of my body. I mean, I could feel every molecule of made up who I was vibrating. And buzzing. And it seemed like it lasted forever, you know, time kind of stopped during this whole thing. But I know it couldn't have. I wouldn't have survived, and I kept thinking, oh my God, I'm dying. This is what it feels like to die. But then it stopped. And then I saw the white ball of light, you know, about 25, 30 feet in front of me, move up and down..

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