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U. six ten AM and the Aggies of Utah's state end up knocking out of Wyoming eighty nine eighty two why only quite a run in the mountain west considering the finished nine of twenty four they make it to the semi final game at Utah state takes it so they'll now take on San Diego state for the mountain west title getting into it today to college basketball action is Tennessee battles Auburn coverage begins at eleven thirty AM eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app turn into something serious amid increasing concerns about the corona virus the NBA as teams on Friday to begin developing processes and identifying actions required if they had to believe games without fans in attendance limiting attendance to only essential staff according to a memo obtained by ESPN with more these concerns of the coronavirus ESPN radio's Freddie Coleman and Mike wells normally when I hear about something like this the minute that against what years they've already even thought about this plan long before they put out a statement this may not be a week's kind of thing if the NBA is really serious about this although I can't believe they won't get any pushback from any owner because this this is a corner reports will come from the league office now for the individual teams I can't believe one second if they're not going to get any pushback and when not if when they do then that's going to be insane conversation between the NBA and the owners of the week maybe if you're gonna take that for you all to just hold the game in the team's practice facility and then on to it that way if you're trying to keep the fans out of it owners are not going to go for this they're gonna they made publicly say okay we'll back what the NBA the same meaning the commissioner everything but inside they're gonna be still when they're gonna be burning because the other thing about is changing changing changing all the dollars at their franchise went to be losing so while others say it's fine somebody's going to come out and complain about it and say they can't do this is not is not a good look and they don't want to do it for the limitation which owner would that be I don't know you mention of mark Cuban either in the show mark Cuban has lost five hundred thousand dollars today he doesn't want to lose any more money well he deserves a five thousand dollar I agree with this protest those definitely worth of protest but its center he's also thinking about money so it'll be he'll be mad about it let's see how far he will go if we got to that point hopefully doesn't get there because if it does if I invite teams will be playing at the local YMCA give each other a couple people sit on the sidelines watching and talking trash and that's about it Freddie Coleman Mike wells under Freddie and Fitzsimmons here on ESPN radio definitely concerned everywhere around the world the coronavirus thanks for joining us for sports center all night on ESPN radio and ESPN app as well I'm John writer for the NFL in free agency begins March eighteenth by my math that's a less than two weeks away I met this question all the big question mark is where will let Tom Brady signed Brady is a free agent for the first time in his NFL career there have been some reports which are interesting including Tom Brady potentially going to San Francisco is a bay area native the athletic dairy is Marcus Thompson I'm buying it as Jim Jimmy Garoppolo's you need a very strong message about will cut off the the need to have he goes pro yeah there is yeah I live in black Hey yeah you know we needed to drive can you playboy so right away in the area B. Amy will be crazy only crazy crazy you'll get a forty three year old on a rental right like it would be crazy but like in a come from no where if nothing else Tom Brady's like yellow out you know this is a team that was on the customers you will argue to over there Marcus Thompson at ESPN radio's Freddie and Fitzsimmons and Freddie Coleman and Mike wells discussing one of the potential suitors for Tom Brady and I would be Tennessee number one right now they have a better team a young team in terms of offensive weapons venerating the pagers you got wide receivers got there can't reserve running back you got a better offensive line but here's why is due for another reason can you imagine Tom Brady sticking it to bill Belichick by going to play with a former teammate and a guy that learn bill Belichick in the way he was able to coach and even though he was not in the system because in a bill Belichick and you go I have a chance to stick it to him with the guy that knocked the team out of the playoffs last year when you play for the patriots as the Tennessee Titans that's why I'm not saying it's gonna happen until I see Tom Brady with the actual degrees uniforms like wells at a press conference with his wife with his kids season for the cameras exactly see that I'm not buying it Tom Brady of free agent on March eighteenth his former teammate with the patriots and offense of linemen Damien woody down ESPN analyst his take on Brady I don't look at Tom is a guy who can just elevate just any guy okay he needs personnel around him in order to bring out the best in him so to me if you're selling Thomas I look look what I have running back I have office of line because to me the office offline play fill big time in doing last year I have legitimate threats whether be tied in a wide receivers and then ultimately you come here we will let you implement your system as opposed to trying to force our system when you I think that's that's got to be the sale and Tom Brady a free agent on March eighteenth will he be back in New England worries played for over twenty seasons played a record nine super bowls winning six definitely interesting on March eighteenth some NHL for the ducks get past the maple Leafs two to one Anaheim snapping a five game losing streak against Toronto Adam Henrique with the gold flame skate past the coyotes by account of three to two Winnipeg shutting out Vegas for delta jets of one of four of their last five meetings against the golden knights the red wings beat the Blackhawks two to one a Detroit snapping a six game losing streak they were out scored twenty forty nine during that span of the devil's double up the blues forty two straight ahead on SportsCenter all night Lakers box this is has been radio Hentschel NBA championship series.

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