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Pitchers being checked for gunk. One way to put it on search and we've already had a baseball hall of famer on the show. Reggie jackson being one of the two mystery guests that called into the show To wish me a happy birthday today it's fifty second birthday day today and Pro football hall of famer. Michael irvin first hour and second hour reginald martinez jackson and our final mystery guests is on the phone right now. Is that correct. Chris brockman correct correct. And we just do. I just get right into it just like the should just say hello. Oh my god me. Hello mr gates number three Rich on the mementos occasion of your birthday. I'm calling to say happy birthday and hope you are having a great one. And remember fifty to fifty watts marv albert. Oh my gosh this is. This is amazing. I'm all i don't know what to say. Thank you my god. You have some lineup. I must say well. It's my to use your phrase. Mike crack staff marfan. It's my crack staff. They've done a fine job. They've hustle their way through. Oh i'm doing great. I'm so much better for talking to you. Marv wow i don't even know how to begin other than to say What's what's going on in your world. Marv wisconsin you these basketball series between atlanta and the walkie. I'm currently in the walking. Yes after a trae. Young put on a Momentous show last night it was incredible And that that's about it and so let's get into before you What you saw last night How many players in your illustrious career have you seen shimmy prior to hoisting An open shot and jarring it to quiet the crowd. How many times have you seen that one marv. Russia appropriately enough I'm doing the eastern conference final. With reggie miller and i think i've seen reggie do everything that Trae young has pulled off. Did the bow. Reggie did yes he was. The pacers did in chicago and At the garden last week. I thought that was a great woman. Who said it's what they do on. Broadway quoting trae young when you finish up the show and certainly did that against against the knicks. But now there hasn't been too many You know pistol. Myra vich may have done a few things in his day but there have not been this type of personality. And you know. He's a nice kid and he handles them so self so well particularly on post game interviews. But wha- what an offensive player you know always find space puts up forty eight points. Last night against the walking. I think he accounted for seventy two of the points between assists And points for the The hawks there was a big surprise. that they took game war they. They've really been a of fun team to watch. It's kind of a cinderella story developing and they mcmillan the coaches done a great job you know since taking over he's like thirty six and fifteen so it's it's been a certainly a different type of playoff run So the in a long time. Obviously because lebron you know he Got bounced in the first round steph. Curry didn't make it out of the state farm. Play tournament If i say it correctly and and you give the sponsor plug. I'm just trying to you. Know there may be an iron rich eisen amoco player when it comes to the association and you know put it all together and this is i mean. Is this the most wide open playoffs that you we've witnessed in quite some time. I believe so. I would agree with that because you have phoenix Team that looked very strong and it seemed to come out of nowhere in the bubble and they continue right through the regular season The clippers you know coming back from two oh twice and now we'll have to do it again And then atlanta to me has been a major surprise milwaukee. Not so much. I i don't i don't think surprise. You had the Philadelphia from injuries as you indicate plate. Amazing a big role in what is what has taken place but some of the other Teams but even in the hawks to have some Injured players deondraye. Hunter is a very important guy At the defensive and The bucks actually pretty good shape. Dante steven chen zo. Who's an important player. But these two teams Are i mean who knows what's gonna happen now. I mean the milwaukee has the home court advantage but anything can happen in this series marv here on the rich eisen. Show marv I've i've is just one of this. I'll ask you on. I know you've you've spoken about it. Why why now retiring why. Why now for you. Well yeah. I just For several years. I've fifty five years of doing nba basketball would doing and i found that the pandemic although it was terrible to see you know what happened throughout the country throughout the world in terms of people getting sick people dying obviously but My family i we. We were fortunate. in new york where it actually is pretty good right now and I found the pandemic was like a rehearsal for retirement. I i enjoy reading. I became Mr tv bencher. I haven't had that opportunity probably ever Working out spending time. with With my family all that good stuff. And i kind of enjoyed it and i think What i when you hit eighty you gotta start thinking about stuff like that and you know we certainly will take some some trips And we have a place in florida so we'll be down there so i'm looking forward to that. I sure that when late. October early november rolls around. There will be aspects of it that i miss. I love the preparation for the games. I love being around Particularly the production people. But the coaches who you get to know extremely well because they give Quite a bit of that time You know to the broadcasters and you know just being around the whole scene is is fun. I know on this back. Part of it There's some people. I may not miss Former color commentator. Mike patillo now calls every day. It's very annoying man Like last night he he somewhere in florida and he knows have the game but he invites me did her. That's what steve kerr to out a great sense. A lot of we worked together for about eight years and he's he's been off the charts to a good way with his comeback. So you get you miss that kata stuff. But i'm sure it's not not at games. So i am mandated. Ask you marv albert. What what does marv albert binge-watch. What's television shows you binge-watching marv what he got. You know. I think. I saw everything because people keep telling me about new shows and I mean from ozark justified. It was a great Israeli show photo. I ended up watching a lot of french and english shows. What's up titles. Of course there's there's one called call by agent that rich i would recommend to you. What did did frederick vice suggest. That one that are yes tell was that was a french show. Yeah and that was funny Better call saul. I enjoy it. Goes on on recent ones Marrow these What else Another one i'd highly recommend godfather of harlem flowers epochs yet farc forest whittaker. Okay very good. I are so many good ones right out. He's like Ted lasso ted lasso. That is is already justice today. 'cause terrific you could do some tv critic work as well if you want to. Just keep your toes. Excuse marv albert here on the rich eisen show Inbetween games one and two of the eastern conference finals. What was it like for you to get that standing ovation in brooklyn mar with the new york fans to Surprise i made..

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