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One two venezuelan outfielder check swing just barely twitched the hands to start to bring it around and it's taken outside the even the cow now no score bottom of the third just one hit the ball game a leadoff infield single by leonardo molina arranged by double play here's the tutu and at stake a down low columbia sanders one baserunners of their own a leadoff walk against sears in the second that's been it cruising through these first three innings a thirsty thursday opener this board game homestand a rally part payoff pitch dolly varas she takes them one load away the river dogs have their i walked spiked in the dirt we off the play by tony debris and the walk will extend the inning with charleston to men out did not get off to a great start olive ours fooled by that breaking ball from debris but hung around his on base percentage now still hovering right around four hundred he's just been an on base machine since joining the river dogs about two weeks ago now she'll table center the bottom line and but he gets aboard now for wilkerson garcia leadoff hitter the bit of pop four home runs now appearing in his thirty sixth game of the season grounded out to short the open the bottom of the first ali varas takes off i move pitches outside throw by sanchez it hold the second basement saberi towards the runners he had to reach out ali boris hit the gloves sliding in and it popped out on a bang bang play at the bag ali varas stealing second for his fourth of the year the bitch missed outside to one zero and a man on second now for their blogs in the scoreless game sanchez about as good as it gets with a transfer and throw but just a little bit off the line as the one always drill down to right field holly var is going to be sent around by scare it's juggled in center field by quin brody will only manage to shock it into second base the river dogs take the lead on a two out rbi single by wilkerson garcia and the third.

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